Drug Abuse Act (No. 7) BE 2562 Summary: Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Thailand

The previous law concerning drug penalties was amended due to certain provisions that did not keep up with the current situation and research in regards to cannabis. Cannabis has been shown to have medicinal benefits […]

Medical Marijuana Legalization Comes into Effect, But Experts Fear Monopolization

Everybody from Thai farmers and scholars to ordinary people are rejoicing in Thailand after the National Legislative Assembly legalized medical cannabis, but experts warn that the hasty legislation could leave the door open to monopolization […]

Final Version of EU’s New Copyright ‘Worst Yet’, Says EFF

The Electronic FrontierFoundation, a group focused on civil liberties in the Internet Age, said recently that the EU’s final draft of its new copyright directive is worse than ever, and poses huge threats to creators […]

Singapore Softens Its Zero-tolerance Stance on Drug Offenders

Singapore’s Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam recently announced changes passed by parliament that significantly softens the country’s draconian stance on drug use. Previously, under Singapore’s Misuse of Drugs Act long prison sentences and […]

Canadian Man Sentenced to Death in China for Drug Smuggling

Robert Schellenberg, a 36-year-old Canadian citizen, was found guilty of smuggling 200 kg of methamphetamine into China recently and sentenced to death. Schellenberg was originally convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison and fined […]

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