Singapore Proposes Controversial Fake News Law

The Singaporean parliament recently pushed forward a bill aimed at curtailing fake news and falsehoods floating around on the internet. According to Singaporean officials, the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill will help protect […]

Two Government Agencies to Reap the Most Rewards from Legal Thai Medical Marijuana

The Tobacco Authority of Thailand (TOAT) and the Government Pharmaceutical Agency (GPO) have positioned themselves as the key winners when it comes to the monetization of legal medical marijuana in Thailand. The TOAT and GPO […]

EU Passes Sweeping New Copyright Directive

The European Union’s parliament voted to pass a new, largescale copyright directive, which promises to bring the member state’s copyright laws up to speed with the Digital Age. The EU’s Copyright in the Digital Single Market […]

Supreme Court: Authorities Can Indefinitely Detain Illegal Immigrants

In a blow to due process, the US Supreme Court ruled that authorities have the right to indefinitely detain illegal immigrants without bail who have a criminal past–even long after they have served their sentence. […]

Thai Magnate Receives 16 Months for Poaching, but Cleared of Black Panther Killing

A Thai construction magnate received 16 months in prison on poaching and weapons possession charges but has been cleared by the courts on accusations that he killed an endangered black panther. The rumors of the […]

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