China Releases Details of Drafted Security Law for Hong Kong

New details have emerged from China’s recently drafted security law concerning Hong Kong. Up until recently the controversial draft law remained shrouded in mystery, but leaked information had many activists in Hong Kong worried that […]

Beijing Official Compares Hong Kong Security Law to ‘Anti-virus Software’

A prominent Beijing official recently stated that a planned security law meant to reign in the protests and unrest in Hong Kong will be like “installing an anti-virus software”. Specifics of the law, which was […]

COVID-19 Emergency Decree to be Extended Through June

Thailand’s nationwide emergency decree in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is set to extend through June. Deputy Premier Gen. Prawit Wongsuwon claimed that the extension is necessary to prevent a second wave of infections–not about […]

Coronavirus Travel Update: Passengers Arriving to Thailand Must Now Provide More Personal Info

The Department of Disease Control (DDC) in Thailand has issued a mandatory travel order that will require visitors to the Kingdom to submit further personal data and contact information. The order comes in the wake […]

Shenzhen to Ban Eating Cats, Dogs, and Wild Animals Amid Coronavirus Fears

The southern Chinese city Shenzhen recently announced a draft regulation to ban the eating of wild animals as well as animals typically regarded as pets. The proposed regulation comes in the wake of the deadly […]

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