Hot! Adrian Peterson Accused of Child Abuse, Prosecutors Say Charge is Justified

Texas: The Montgomery County office that indicted NFL Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson on accounts of child abuse stands by its charges saying the injuries to Peterson’s 4-year-old soon were “unreasonable discipline,” according to the Houston Chronicle.

Peterson was charged with allegedly recklessly causing bodily injury to his son, which is a felony in Texas, for hitting him with a switch in a disciplinary pretext, reports the Houston Chronicle.

“Obviously parents have a right to discipline their children except when that discipline exceeds what the community thinks is reasonable,” said Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Phil Grant.

Peterson reported to Texas authorities on September 13, 2014, responding to the warrant for his arrest, and was released after being processed and posting $15,000 for bail.

The Vikings did suspend Peterson for one game, but, amidst controversy, allowed him back on the field for the September 21 game against the Saints, reports San Antonio Express-News.

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