Hot! AI Algorithm Destroys 20 Leading Lawyers in Legal Showdown

An AI algorithm created by LawGeex successfully outdueled 20 law experts in a recent legal showdown–and it wasn’t even close.

The study pitted 20 prominent corporate lawyers and contract attorneys against an AI to determine which could analyze and spot mistakes in Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) quicker and more efficiently.

LawGeex found that their AI was able to spot mistakes at an accuracy level of 94% compared to just 85% for the lawyers.

But the most devastating finding result for the high-performing lawyers was the amount of time it took them to accomplish the task–an average of 92 minutes.

It took the AI, on the other hand, a measly 26 seconds.

“As a chess player and attorney I will take from Grandmaster Vishy Anand and say the future of law is ‘human and computer’ versus (another) ‘human and computer,’” said legal expert Justin Brown. “Either working alone is inferior to the combination of both.”

Read the full story here.

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