Hot! AirBnb Catches a Break in Japan

The government is allowing homeowners to rent their space but under certain conditions

Amid all the recent controversy surrounding temporary home rentals, AirBnB catches a break in Japan with the latter passing a law that allows the home rental site to operate without running the risk of breaking any laws.

The bill was approved by Japan’s upper house on Friday under which private homeowners can rent out their homes to paying guests provided that the total number of stays does not exceed 180 days a year.

“We welcome the legislation,” said Yasuyuki Tanabe, Airbnb’s country manager for Japan to Bloomberg. “It is clear, simple and easy to understand, while reflecting Japan’s unique needs.”

AirBnb has been at odds with several state municipals such as New York, Amsterdam and Barcelona including its own home town San Francisco, all of whose governments have passed laws criminalizing the act of renting out homes on the website.

Thailand officials have also warned  condominium owners and people looking to purchase condos in Thailand from renting out apartments on Airbnb as it might violate the Hotel Act.

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Image: Creative Commons Zero – CC0.

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