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Feature Articles :

History of Cannabis
  and Anti-Marijuana
  Laws in Thailand

Thailand’s Notable
  Criminal Extradition

Guide for Tourists
  to Laws in Thailand

Neither Free nor Fair:
  Burma’s Sham Elections

Sex Laws in Thailand:
  Part 1

Renewable Energy
  in Thailand

Transsexuals and
  Thai Law

Foreign Mafia in


Feature Articles

Guide for Tourists to Laws in Thailand
History of Cannabis Use and Anti-Marijuana Laws in Thailand
Thailand’s Notable Criminal Extradition Cases
Fringe Medical Practices in Thailand
Thailand’s Condominium Bubble a Reality or Myth
Law Roundup – Significant Changes to Thai Laws in 2008
US Visa Discrimination against Gays and Lesbians: A Long Road Finally Nearing the U.S. Supreme Court
Neither Free nor Fair – Burma’s Sham Elections
Singapore’s Internal Security Act and Human Rights
US Immigration and Thai Sex Workers
Does Thailand Want Foreign Investment? A 15 August 2007 Opinion Paper Contributed by Michael Doyle
Compulsory Licensing of Life-Saving Cancer Medication 
The Work of the Thailand Food and Drug Administration
Fighting the Tide of World Cup Gambling in Thailand
Renewable Energy in Thailand: Green Policies Take Off
The Erawan Shrine Curse And The Red Shirt Demonstrations
Marriage and Divorce in Thailand: When Love Turns Deadly
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Thailand Film Festival

The Darker Side of Tropical Bliss: Foreign Mafia in Thailand

Foreign Investigators: Crime Fiction in a Thai Setting
Medical Malpractice in Thailand: Patient Rights in the Medical Tourism Industry
The Murder of Thai Teenager Sherry Ann Duncan and Due Process in the Thai Criminal Justicse System
Defrauded in Thailand
Transsexuals and Thai Law
Fugitives in Thailand

Law Summaries

Service of Process, Obtaining Evidence and Enforcing Judgements and Arbitration Awards in Thailand from Foreign Courts
Service of Process of Foreign Subpoena Within Thailand
US Immigration Applications and Waivers of Inadmissibility
Thailand Real Estate Overview
Gun Law of Thailand
International Prenuptial Agreements: Part II
International Prenuptial Agreements: Part III
Guide for Tourists to Laws in Thailand
New Draft Law to Regulate Surrogacy in Thailand
The Liability for Damages Caused by Unsafe Goods Act B.E. 2551
Thailand Alien Working Law 2008
Thailand Labor Protection Law (No. 2) 2008
Obtaining a Waiver of a Denial of a US Visa


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