ThaiLawForum released the unofficial English translation of the draft amendments to the Thailand Foreign Business Act currently being reviewed by Thai government officials.

In its current form, the FBA draft amendments would impose restrictions on all joint-venture foreign companies that use Thai nominees to legally operate in Thailand; this would apply to both existing companies in Thailand and all future businesses seeking Thai company formation.

Additionally, the draft amendments would change the definition of “foreigner” in the Foreign Business Act and enforce a new, more encompassing definition.

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has not yet finalized the amendments and could continue to make revisions to the draft published by ThaiLawForum in November.

Read the English translation of the Thailand Foreign Business Law draft amendments.

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A new law in Oklahoma now requires couples filing for divorce to take educational classes first if there are children in the family, reports News 9.

The law went into effect Nov. 1 and is reportedly part of an initiative to address Oklahoma’s high divorce rate and its effects on children.

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At least one lawyer, Gail Stricklin, expressed concerns though that the law could pose a threat to victims of violence and partners trying to get out of an abusive relationship. Though the law allows judges to exempt couples on a case-by-case basis, those persons involved in cases that require high discretion face the possibility of being “re-victimized by the legal system,” said Stricklin according to News 9.

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Brooklyn Judge Rules Prenup Valid Despite Wife’s Claims of Fraud

November 14, 2014

A prenuptial agreement that a millionaire husband is seeking to enforce was ruled valid by a Brooklyn judge despite the wife’s claims that the agreement was only symbolic and she signed it under fraudulent conditions, reports the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. According to Rihna Braha, before the wedding her husband, Ezra Braha, said his father would […]

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Immigration Update: USCIS Definition of ‘Mother’ Now Includes Gestational Mothers

November 12, 2014

Women who give birth to a child conceived through assisted reproductive technology, but who are not genetically related to the child, otherwise known as gestational mothers, will be classified as the child’s legal “mother” and “parent” in a new policy update from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). According to the Immigration and […]

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