U.S. expat from Rhode Island and self-proclaimed Thailand “immigration lawyer,” Brian Wright, was sentenced to 24 years in prison after being convicted of child sex offenses in Pattaya Court, according to Case Watch Asia.

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Wright owned a business in Thailand called USA Legal Thailand and promoted his U.S. visa consultant services on the website MyThaiFiancee.com.

According to journalist Andrew Drummond, Wright is not a licensed attorney although his websites suggest that Wright runs a “law firm.”

Wright has been on trial for over three years for having sex with a minor according to Andrew Drummond. The trial culminated on October 28, and Wright, who pleaded not guilty, was charged of criminal offenses under the Thailand Criminal Code for child sexual abuse.

Wright was released from the Nong Plalai prison in Pattaya after posting the 400,000 baht (USD$12,217) bail, according to Andrew Drummond. Wright is not allowed to leave the Kingdom and is reportedly expected to file an appeal.

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Ohio police are investigating lawyer Michael Fine, 57, who allegedly hypnotized female clients and proceeded to engage in sexual acts with them, reports Jonathan Turley.

According to Turley, Fine was recently suspended from further law practice by an emergency court motion filed by the Lorain County Bar Association.

The court motion reportedly states that one alleged victim became suspicious of Fine after experiencing “strange memories and feelings” after a meeting.

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The woman later reportedly worked with police to investigate Fine by recording two telephone conversations – one in which he reportedly performed hypnosis on her – and by later wearing a wire to another legal meeting with Fine.

According to Turley, the allegations in the case could be grounds for rape charges. Turley also stated that the firm that formerly employed Fine could be potentially liable in the case.

Story Source:
Jonathan Turley – “The World’s Greatest Lover”: Ohio Lawyer Accused Of Hypnotizing Female Clients To Have Sex With Them

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