Vaccine News From Around the World

by admin on May 3, 2016

ThaiLawForum has taken a great interest in the debate surrounding vaccines.

While the Vaxxed documentary and the MMR jab may dominate the conversation stateside, there are other issues surrounding vaccinations around the world.

News in Brief:

In China, parents who intend to rally in Beijing for legal retributions for the sub-standard vaccines which made headlines in March. Read the story here.

In Pakistan, 7 police officers were killed while protecting vaccination workers. Read the story here.

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In Canada, the “anti-vaccine” parents of a 19 month old boy who died from bacterial meningitis have been found guilty of “failing to provide the necessaries of life,” under Section 215 of the Canadian Criminal Code. They did not take the boy to the doctor, rather attempted to treat him with natural remedies. Read the story here and here.

In France, a couple who refused vaccines for their children are taken to the highest court, accused of mistreating their infants. Read the story here.

In Los Angeles, vaccine activists have sued the state of California, challenging a law that removes the “personal beliefs” exemption for public school attendance. Read the story here.

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A “gaping loophole” in Japanese law means that prostitution is legal provided it is same-sex.

As Rocket News 24 reports, the same-sex prostitutes can act with total impunity as it is not covered by Japans laws regulating the sex industry.

Residents of a building in Yokohama City are calling for a law reform after their suspicions that their building houses a same-sex brothel.

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As Rocket News 24 comments:

“It’s an important goal since prostitution in any form brings the threat of all kinds of human rights violations and shouldn’t go unchecked. However, in terms of LGBT rights, this could be a dangerously wrong foot to get off on.
If we’re going to rewrite laws to include transgender and people with non-hetero-exclusive sexuality, it would be unbalanced to address only the criminal ones. Equality ought to be all encompassing, so if same-sex crimes are to be recognized by law, then it only stands to reason that same-sex rights such as legal marriages should also be.”

Read the full story here.


Ugandan Parents Face Jail if they Do Not Vaccinate Their Children

April 29, 2016

Under Ugandan law, parents will now face jail for up to six months if they do not get their children vaccinated. The law, signed last month by President Yoweri Museveni will require children to have an up-to-date immunization card as proof. Without this they won’t receive an education. Many Ugandans die from preventable diseases. The […]

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Russian Lawyer Eats Evidence Against His Client

April 29, 2016

A Russian lawyer has been caught on CCTV eating a report which showed the blood alcohol level of his client. The lawyer was in a Judge’s chambers in the town of Kyzyl in central Russia. When the judges clerk leaves the room, the footage sees him put the piece of paper in his bag, then […]

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