New prenuptial agreement designed by soon-to-be newlyweds to change marriage obligations.

Soon-to-be newlyweds Gaurang Torvekar and Sayalee Kaluskar have recently designed a new prenuptial agreement where ‘the frequency at which you shop, the number of chores you do, and your preference to your mother’s spaghetti recipe over your spouse’s could be a violable offense.’

Torvekar and Kaluskar wrote on their website:

“While talking about blockchains and its endless possibilities, we thought of using it to solve our day to day problems. As we are getting married this December, we immediately thought of a putting our pre-nup on the blockchain as a “smart” solution.”

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The legal status of these contracts is still very much debated. ‘Ethereum Foundation advisor and author of Business Blockchain William Mougayar’ stated in April that smart contracts are at present not enforceable under the law, even if they do allow increased automation.

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Vaccine-derived polio virus in India’s sewers.

Last Wednesday June 15 ‘Telangana health authorities announced a polio vaccination drive because a mutated strain of polio had been found in the Amberpet Nala in Hyderabad.’

The World Health Organization declared India polio-free in 2012, and just last week there was a spark for alarm after the announcement, that polio could have resurfaced again.

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Indian Health Officials issued assurances that vaccine derived viruses escaping into the public domain was a normal type of phenomena to happen.

The safety and efficiency of Vaccines has been challenged however. Thai Law Forum has recently uploaded an interview regarding vaccine activism with Eileen Dannemann.

India changed over to the new polio immunization mechanism on April 26th 2016, when all trivalent oral polio stocks were destroyed.

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Bangkok Victims of Radiation Poisoning Appeal Turned Down

June 17, 2016

 Victims unsatisfied with ruling to be compensated by electric company for radiation poisoning. The Supreme Court has supported a lower court ruling that ordered Kamol Sukosol Electric Co Ltd to pay 640,270 baht plus interest in compensation to the victims of radiation poisoning reports Bangkok Post An end was brought to a case by the […]

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New Mom Sues Hospital For Her Placenta

June 17, 2016

Woman not given rights to her own placenta without a court order Jordan Thiering, a new mother in Rankin county Mississippi who planned to deliver at River Oaks Hospital, Flowood, made all the arrangements to prepare for the arrival of her baby boy. What she didn’t expect was that she also had to make arrangements […]

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