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Over 30% of states in the US are petitioning the US Supreme Court to hear and overturn a lower court ruling that makes it illegal to fire employees for the sole reason of being transgendered.

The brief, signed by the 16 states and sent to the high court, takes issue with a decision in March by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that ruled against a funeral home who fired a transgendered woman after she started her transition.

The court stated that the firing violated the transgendered woman’s protection from discrimination on the basis of sex.

The states who signed the petition are mostly from the south and midwest, with a few exceptions.

At the heart of the argument by the upset states is that the law protects sex and not gender identity.

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Seven Vietnamese Die From Drugs at EDM Festival

by Admin on September 18, 2018

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Seven Vietnamese have died and five were left in a coma after doing drugs at an EDM festival in Hanoi, according to authorities.

As of now, officials in the Vietnamese have not been able to identify the synthetic drug responsible for the deaths.

The tragedy is the largest mass drug-related deaths at an EDM festival in years and has led authorities to ban festivals in the city for the foreseeable future.

The Trip to the Moon Festival took place in a waterpark in Hanoi’s wealthy West Lake neighborhood, which is famed for its nightlife and a high number of expats.

All of the victims were aged between 18-30.

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Hundreds of Exotic Animals Illegally Traded on Facebook in Thailand

September 18, 2018

The wildlife advocacy group TRAFFIC recently found 1,500 animals being traded illegally on Facebook in Thailand. Of the 1,500, there were 200 different kinds of species found, including rare animals like the Asiatic black bear, the slow loris, the Eurasian otter, and the black-spotted turtle–all of which are banned from international trading. Some of the […]

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Roy Moore Suing Sacha Baron Cohen for $95 Million After Getting Punk’d

September 7, 2018

Roy Moore, who was accused of sexual assault by nine women–including a 14-year-old girl–during his failed Alabama Senate race last year, is suing comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for $95 million, claiming he was duped into appearing on Who is America?, Cohen’s new prank show. During Cohen’s July 29th episode, he interviews Moore disguised as an […]

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