In a major three-month-long operation, Thai authorities arrested 23 human traffickers who were allegedly using Southern Thailand as a transit route to smuggle migrants from Myanmar to Malaysia.

According to Thai officials, the vast majority of the undocumented migrants were Rohingya or Burmese nationals.

The large-scale sting was part of an even bigger attempt by the Thai government to stifle human trafficking syndicates and their networks.

While the police busted some of the human trafficking groups, they also say that five major groups are operating out of Myanmar with another three making their base of operations out of Malaysia.

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A new bill passed by the Polish government will require two-fifths of the country’s Supreme Court justices to retire–a move that threatens judicial independence and further slides the Central European country towards authoritarianism.

According to critics, the law is a ploy to oust judges on the court and replace them with more favorable selections chosen by the Polish president.

On top of that, the newly transformed Supreme Court will also be able to re-open 20-year-old cases at the request of the justice minister.

The new law doesn’t simply dictate that certain judges must retire, it uses a bit of slight of hand, changing the retirement age of justices from 70 to 65, which gets rid of 40% of the current chamber.

The right-wing Law and Justice party, which currently holds power in Poland, has made a habit of acting in an anti-democratic manner, including attempting to silence the press with hefty fines, turning the state media into a propaganda arm for their party, and launching xenophobic attacks left and right.

Now, they are attempting to replace a significant chunk of the Supreme Court with judge appointees that toe their party’s line.

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Spain’s Deputy PM Proposes ‘Yes Means Yes’ Verbal Sexual Consent Law

July 12, 2018

Carmen Calvo, Spain’s deputy prime minister and equality minister, recently proposed a bill that would require men to obtain a verbal “yes” from women before engaging in sexual activities. “If a woman does not expressly say yes, that means no,” Calvo said, speaking at Spain’s Equality Commission. The proposed legislation comes in the wake of […]

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Ohio Considering Bill Requiring Teachers and Doctors to Out Transgender Children

July 11, 2018

Ohio lawmakers are considering a bill that would force teachers and doctors to out transgender or suspected transgender children to their parents. The proposed law, which has been heavily criticized by the LGBTQ community, argues that parents have the right to know if their son or daughter has been questioning their gender identity. If adults […]

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