The British Embassy and British authorities have asked Police Colonel Narat Sawettnan to ensure in mates were treated as per international standards for correction facilities. They asked that his division prevent prison breaks and suicides. The Colonel has reassured the UK that prisoners of all nationalities are being taken care of as per the UN Standard Minimum Rules.

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The embassy had also provided the department with standard operating procedures to help assault, corruption and promote human rights. Narat replied to the SOP’s that the department would have to “adjust to apply the international practices” and would apply them where applicable.

An adviser from the Thailand Institute of Justice commented that Thailand has already made changes to prison systems such as improving medical care in order to promote human rights.

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Switzerland Bans Cooking Lobsters Alive

by Admin on February 20, 2018

Switzerland will be the first country in the world from March 1st to adopt an animal dignity law that stops lobsters from being boiled alive. The provision is a part of a larger animal protection law that guides how certain species must be treated and socialized.

Other suggestions of cooking the lobster is to either electrocute or sedate the crustacean before boiling it for a more humane death as lobsters can “sense pain”. The parliament had attempted to ban the import of live lobsters however, the ban would have violated international trade agreements. Therefore, they have turned to making their deaths a little less painful.

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Lobsters must also be transported in seawater instead of ice to their final destinations. Animal rights groups such as PETA, applauded the European nation for its proactive measures and urges other countries such as the USA to follow suit.

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San Francisco to Dismiss Thousands of Marijuana Related Cases

February 20, 2018

The District Attorney and his office will let go of around 3,000 misdemeanor cases, even the ones occurring before the legalization of Marijuana (some cases from 1975) in San Francisico. Around 4,000 felony convictions may be reduced to misdemeanors. In addition, there is a petition to have records expunged as they impact employment, housing and other […]

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Spain Administers New Pet Protection Laws

February 16, 2018

The creation of the law was first proposed in 2007 to the European Convention and after a decade the law was passed on the 1st of February 2018. Communities are advised to check their legislation to make sure it complies with the new law as regional legislation’s may be different. The law will ban the […]

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