Are GM Mosquitoes to Blame For the Zika Virus?

by admin on February 9, 2016

The Zika virus may have sparked shock and fear all over the world, but could what has generally been thought of as a natural problem, actually be manmade?

As The Free Thought Project writes, the virus was initially “discovered” in 1947, however at this time it was discovered by scientists at the Rockefeller Foundation in a monkey.

It was not found in the wild until recently, but is now increasingly concerning in Brazil and other parts of South America.

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The recent outbreak has been linked to the release of GM mosquitoes in 2012.

The GM mosquitoes were ironically introduced to fight infectious disease, but experts at the time had warned that there was insufficient research to back up their safety.

There are some, however, who dismiss this link as a conspiracy theory.

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