Foreigners working in the country will not need permission from employers to shift workplaces


Qatar has recently introduced amendments to its laws regarding the exit, entry and residency of foreigners working in the country reports Out Law. The new law will not require employers’ permission to change workplaces after completion of their contracts.

If the foreign worker wants to leave the company without completing their contracts, they will require permission to leave unless they have proof of exploitation and ill treatment.

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Those working under an open-ended contract will also not require permission to change jobs provided they complete a five year service period. According to Out Law, employers are further required to provide agreed on annual leave dates with employees to enable them to gain exit permits.

The government is also giving a three month period to allow workers whose contracts have been terminated to find new employment.

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Fortune reports that The US Supreme Court has given the green light to class action lawsuits by consumers who claim that Visa and MasterCard along with several other banks of  colluding to increase ATM access fees violating the antitrust law.

The lawsuit states that Visa and MasterCard were adopting rules that blocked ATM operators from lessening ATM transaction fees by payment processing network competitors.

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The suit also claims that US banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase were benefiting from the rules. The suit says that the banks controlled the networks and increased ATM fees before the companies became public.

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