A Kentucky county clerk was jailed on Thursday after refusing to grant a marriage license to a gay couple, the New York Times has reported.

Kim Davis, whose religious beliefs oppose gay marriage, was detained for contempt of court and rejected a proposal to allow her deputies to process same-sex marriage licenses so she wouldn’t have to – a proposal which could have allowed her release.

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Judge David L. Bunning of United States District Court said:

“The court cannot condone the willful disobedience of its lawfully issued order […] If you give people the opportunity to choose which orders they follow, that’s what potentially causes problems.”

Davis, 49, is one of three county clerks in Kentucky (out of 120) who argue that their religious beliefs prevent them from recognizing same sex nuptials.

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Roger Gannam, a lawyer for Ms Davis, criticized the ruling and implied a sharp warning to fellow Christians.

“Today, for the first time in history, an American citizen has been incarcerated for having the belief of conscience that marriage is the union of one man and one woman […] And she’s been ordered to stay there until she’s willing to change her mind, until she’s willing to change her conscience about what belief is.”

Josh Earnest, press secretary for the White House, said that it was not up to Ms. Davis to defy the Supreme Court.

“Every public official in our democracy is subject to the rule of law […] No one is above the law. That applies to the president of the United States and that applies to the county clerk of Rowan County, Ky., as well.”

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Thailand’s former education minister Chaturon Chaisaeng has had his two passports revoked by the Thai government, without any warning, The Nation has reported.

Chaturon sought an explanation yesterday from the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department regarding why his three passports, including the diplomatic one, had been revoked with no warning.

“I want a valid explanation,” he said. “I have become a second-class citizen, with my travelling rights taken away. Of course, I’m being prosecuted, but as long as the cases are not yet over, I should not deserve such punishment.”

The prime Minister of Thailand explained that Chaturon had been summoned over 10 times to stop publicly criticizing the government and the military junta.

He said:

“If we don’t have any rules, then we won’t be able to move forward. I have nothing to lose, and I’d like everyone to remember what I say, what I do and what the country will gain.”

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Foreign Ministry spokesman, Sek Wannamethee, said the travel documents had been revoked due to a request from the Royal Thai Police.

He said Chaturon could not travel as he faces arrest, citing Articles 21 (2) and 23 (2) of the Foreign Ministry’s 2005 regulation on passports.

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