A new Tennessee law prepares to stop enforcement of gun control by International law.


Activist Post reports that last Friday, July 1 2016, a new Tennessee law went into effect to set the foundation to stop international law from imposing gun control should they try to enforce it Tennessee will have the legal authority to reject it.

According to Activist Post ‘House Bill 2389 (HB2389) was introduced by Rep. John Windle (D-Livingston) in January.’

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  It prohibits law enforcement officers from imposing requirements of international law and treaties that limit ‘gun rights’ as specified in Article I, Section 26 of the Tennessee State Constitution. It reads, in part:

‘On or after July 1, 2016 no personnel or property of this state, or any political subdivision of this state, shall be allocated to the implementation, regulation, or enforcement of any international law or treaty regulating the ownership, use, or possession of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories, if the use of personnel or property would result in the violation of another Tennessee statute, Tennessee common law, or the Constitution of Tennessee.’ –Activist Post

In February 2016, a House subcommittee voted to dismiss the bill, but after vast amounts of grassroots pressure, the subcommittee ‘reconvened on the measure, passing it by a 3-2 vote on March 16 2016. The full House passed the bill by an 88-2 vote. And the Senate passed it unanimously, 26-0.’

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China passed animal protection law for endangered species but allows for breeding and public performances.

China has recently approved a ‘new wild animal protection law’ which forbids the sale of food made from endangered wildlife but allows for other products to be derived from them, including for traditional Chinese medicine practices, where for example, bears are bred simply to make products. This process involves extracting their stomach bile and has been highlighted and according to Phys Org, ‘condemned’ as animal cruelty by activists.

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Environmental campaigners previously targeted a ‘draft of the law‘ for treating animals, including tigers and bears, as commercial resources’. They said it would not stop their ongoing slaughter but the draft would in fact “further entrench policies of captive-breeding for commercial use of parts and derivatives of captive tigers”, the Environmental Investigation Agency stated.

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