Cambodian Law Set to Ban Revealing Clothing Causes Outrage

by Admin on August 27, 2020

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The Cambodia legislature is proposing a new law that would prohibit people from wearing anything too revealing in public. The official reasoning for the proposal is to protect the national traditions of Cambodia. Human rights activists have spoken out about negative consequences the law could create, such as violating women’s rights and placing blame for sexual assault on women themselves.

If the legislation were to become law, action would be taken against both men and women wearing revealing clothing. Critics of the proposal fear the draft law will allow the government to further control women in an already conservative culture. According to Thai attorney Suthida Thongkwan, Thailand currently has no law to control clothing choices by the general population other than Section 388 of Thailand Criminal Law which prevents people from indecency in public. Additionally, some Thai schools have banned girls from wearing sexually provocative uniforms.

Human rights activist Chak Sopheap, the executive director of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights charity has protested the legislation arguing that the draft law aimed to protect national traditions may bring negative consequences “belittling women’s rights to bodily autonomy” and other detrimental effects.

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