How to Fake Your Death in the Philippines

by Admin on December 29, 2017

Faking your death can start from prices as little as 100 pounds. Private investigators for insurance companies claim that the Philippines are the hotspot for American tourists to fake their deaths to get out of extreme debt or to leave their families for an affair.

For those wanting to fake their death to claim life insurance is a little more complicated than just disappearing. Insurance companies need evidence so the death kits in the Philippines often involve picking out fake bodies from the morgue and go as far as staging fake funerals.

Fake death certificates cost anywhere from 100-350 pounds and for those who need help with starting a new life with a new identity will pay about 20k pounds. Though, few cases are prosecuted, especially if those cases are abroad.  Those that are prosecuted are only denied their insurance claim.

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A last will and testament may be legally recognized in Thailand if it meets certain requirements under Thai law. For support with drafting up wills in Thailand contact expert probate lawyers.

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