Foreigners Arrested for Diving in Thailand

by Admin on September 8, 2020

Two foreigners have been arrested, deported, and blacklisted from Thailand after taking videos of illegal activities harming marine life off the coast of Koh Phangan.

Francesco Simonetti and Attila Otti posted a video of themselves touching, poking, and prodding sea creatures which were reported to Thailand’s Natural Resources and Environment Minister who ordered their arrests. Thailand law requires that a person intending to violate the law to be found guilty. However, it is unclear whether the foreigners intended to harm or were diving recreationally.

Criminal Law in Thailand is found in the Penal Code as well as specific legislation or acts. The duo has been charged with criminal offenses based on the Act on the Promotion of Marine and Coastal Resources Management B.E 2558 (2015). The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources Management is empowered to issue regulations protecting natural resources and marine coastal areas pursuant to Section 29 of the aforementioned Act.

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