Georgia Passes Law Making it Illegal to Hold Your Phone While Driving

by Admin on July 4, 2018

Thanks to a new law enacted last week, it’s now illegal to hold, read, or touch your phone while driving in the state of Georgia–even if you’re stopped at a red light.

Those caught on their phone while operating their vehicle will face a $50 fine. If caught again, the fine would double.

The new legislation aims to curb driving fatalities in the Peach State.

“Nobody’s trying to keep people from listening to music,” Harris Blackwood, Georgia’s safety office director said. “We’re trying to keep people from making videos of themselves driving at high rates of speed or taking selfies going down the road.”

Among the phone playing acts that can be fined are reading emails, swiping through social media, taking selfies or videos, text messaging, or having the phone touch any part of your body while talking.

Reading Google Maps or other navigation apps are allowed, as well as using a phone during emergencies.

Read the full story here.

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