Hong Kong Protestor Denied Bail Under New China Security Law

by Admin on September 1, 2020

Tong Ying-Kit, a 23 year old Hong Kong protestor has been charged under the new Chinese security law and denied bail by a Chinese-controlled Hong Kong court due to a new national security law introduced by the Chinese government on July 1st.

The man was seen carrying a sign with the slogan “Liberate Hong Kong” and allegedly drove his motorcycle into police officers which led to his arrest. The new security law views the slogan as encouraging separatism or subversion, further worrying citizens of the city on the topic of free-speech. Over 300 protestors were arrested by police the day the law was introduced; Tong Ying-Kit will remain in custody until his next court date on October 6th.

Although not to the same extent as Hong Kong, Thailand also has protests but official action is not as severe. Effective March 27th 2020, Thai law restricts protests with large groups of people pursuant to the new Emergency Decree issued due to COVID-19. Some authorities claim that Section 215 of Thailand Criminal Law may be used to ban protest demonstrations.

Protestors have also been arrested in Bangkok through the restrictions, however, legal critics in Thailand have suggested the restriction on protests may violate Section 34 of the Thailand Constitution which allows for freedom of speech.

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