Internet Changing Prostitution

by Admin on September 11, 2012

The digital age of the 21st Century has changed a lot of things, even how prostitution now works. Once upon a time, women selling sex were limited to streets, brothels, bars, etc. to advertise their ‘wares.’

Now a simple Google search allows customers to find a range of women and their sexual services. One group of prostitutes that many call the profession’s ‘silent majority’ are in the industry simply as a matter of choice and the web has made it even easier for them.

They place their own ad on public classified sites where according to economist Scott Cunningham, customers will find women who are more educated and that more work temporarily. He also says that they look different from street prostitutes.

The online prostitution sites have also created a larger market for selling sexual services. Not only are payment deals made quickly and efficiently through websites such as PayPal but customers can pick and choose from numerous photos, descriptions, and services.

After Craigslist dropped its erotic services listings in 2010 another website,, has become a monopoly in ads for escorts and body rubs. This accounts for 80 per cent of all revenue generated by internet sex ads.

Although Thailand has a reputation as a sex tourism destination, prostitution is actually one of the listed criminal sexual offenses in Thailand law. There is also a rather significant overlap between the sex industry and the marriage industry in Thailand. The following video shows some Western women’s reaction to the Thailand love trade:

For a more errr…humorous take on prostitution, here is George Carlin asking the eternal question: Why is prostitution illegal?

Will and Testament Thailand

A last will and testament may be legally recognized in Thailand if it meets certain requirements under Thai law.


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