Leading Human Rights Lawyer on Trial in China

by Admin on May 8, 2017

The lawyer has been accused of inciting subversion

Image: Screengrab from China Daily USA

China has put a leading human rights lawyer on trial for allegedly conspiring to overthrow the government reports The Guardian.

Xie Yang, a 45-year-old attorney is accused of “inciting state subversion”, an act to overthrow the socialist system by spreading “rumors or slanders”. This accusation comes days after United Nations criticized China for its attack on human rights activists.

Xie faces up to five years imprisonment. He has been in custody since 2015 during which time he was reportedly tortured by inquisitors. According to The Guardian, his lawyers revealed his ordeal earlier this year which involved an inquisitor saying “We’ll torture you to death just like an ant.”

The government vehemently denied the allegations and called them “cleverly orchestrated lies”.

Many countries have voiced their disapproval and concern to China over possible human rights violation

The campaign to discredit Xie’s story appeared to continue during his trial on Monday. In court, Xie told the court “he had not been tortured as was claimed by some reports” and that “his legal rights had been sufficiently protected” by authorities.

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