Property Developers in Phuket will Have to Refer to New Regulations

by Admin on March 15, 2018

The Thai government has focused on Phuket’s hillside terrain and green areas with a new law that controls where and what can be built on the hill side slopes. The guidelines were established late last year and include laws that prohibit property development over an incline slope of 35% or more.

Before the new law, hotels and condos used to be banned at a slope of 50% or more. Now, properties built in the 25%-35% slope range must include 70% of green area. In addition, any boulders or trees with a 500mm circumference may not be removed, states the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

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The new law seems to favor small real estate developers as properties with 29 units or less will not have to undergo an IEE, only 30 units and above will have to. Properties with 80 units or above will require a more complex environmental examination.

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