Rights Group Urges Insurgents in southern Thailand to Cease the Use of Landmines

by Admin on July 31, 2018

Human Rights Watch is calling for the separatist insurgents in southern Thailand to put an end to the use of landmines and attacks on civilians.

In recent years, the Muslim insurgents in the provinces that border Malaysia have used the internationally banned explosives to maim rubber plantation workers and disrupt daily life in the region.

“Laying landmines on rubber plantations and in paths used by villagers is cruel beyond words,” said Brad Adams, Asia director of Human Rights Watch. “Insurgent groups should stop using these unlawful weapons and clear the landmines they have already laid.”

The insurgents have mainly targeted Thai Buddhists living in the region, claiming that they shouldn’t live in the Muslim-majority south.

The worldwide ban on landmines was passed in 1997 because antipersonnel mines are unable to discriminate between civilians and combatants and because they can go off years and years after being planted. Thailand ratified the treaty in 1998.

Read the full story here.

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