Swedish Citizens May be Prosecuted for Paid Sex Abroad

by Admin on December 25, 2017

Sweden has already criminalized prostitution on it’s own shores and wants to be the first country to prosecute it’s residents for purchasing sexual services overseas. Several Human Rights Organizations have praised the Swedish government for the proposed law that may come into affect July 1st 2018.

Studies have shown that when Swedish people pay for sexual services, it is often done abroad as it is illegal in Sweden. The Justice Minister comments on the matter that it is “unacceptable” and wants to penalize citizens who do so. The only obstacle is that the offense must be illegal in both countries, although the acts of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children are exempt.

The proposal calls for harsher penalties that include a prison sentence instead of a fine.

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Current issues regarding Thailand family law are important for families that travel often for leisurely and business reasons.

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