Thai Government Considering Harsh Penalties for Unlicensed Driving

by Admin on August 23, 2018

A police panel and the Thai Land Transport Department have unveiled a new proposal that would substantially increase the penalties for those who drive without a license or who attempt to use an invalid one.

According to the proposal, the penalty for driving without a license would jump from a maximum fine of  1,000 baht to a max fine of 50,000 baht, as well as max jail sentence that jumps from one month to three months behind bars.

Driving with an invalid license or one that has been revoked could result in a boosted fine from 2,000 baht to 50,000 baht under the new change, along with an increase jail term from one month to a maximum of three months.

The stiff penalties have drawn outrage across social media, but Thai authorities say they are necessary to increase safety on Thailand’s road.

At the moment, Thailand has the second highest traffic fatality rate in the world, averaging a staggering 66 road deaths per day, according to the World Health Organization.

Read the full story here.

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