Thai TV Actor Arrested for Illegal Entry

by Admin on September 10, 2020

A foreign man from Belgium has been arrested after allegedly entering Thailand illegally and residing in the country for over 4 years without a lawful visa. The Caucasian dubbed Mr. Prima was popular in Thai film and TV industries as the token ‘farang’ actor due to his western appearance and fluency in Thai.

According to the Thailand Immigration Act illegal entry is punishable by law. Borders between Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia are largely unprotected and illegal entry is common. However, due to COVID restrictions, both illegal and legal immigrants have been unable to enter Thailand unless qualifying for certain exceptions.

Many foreigners have been arrested while being fugitives illegally residing in Thailand sometime after years in the country. Currently, tens of thousands of foreigners are blacklisted in Thailand, with thousands being extradited or deported every year.



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