Thailand Hoping to Reclaim Western Tourists with Massages and Marijuana

by Admin on July 23, 2019

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Thailand’s recently appointed minister for tourism and sports says that he will draw western tourists back into the kingdom by promoting massages and medical marijuana.

Tourists visiting Thailand from the US and Europe has dropped in recent times–by as much as 30% in the last year according to Thailand business associations located in tourist hotspots.

One possible reason for the fall in tourists coming from western countries could be the unprecedented strength of the Thai baht compared to both the Euro and US dollar right now.

The tourism minister stated that he will recover the drop in tourists from America and Europe in six years by highlighting massages and medical marijuana.

Visitors from the west, he said, will be intrigued by the idea of traveling to Thailand after the country’s new medical marijuana law came into effect just a couple of months ago.

He stated that westerners will be drawn to Thailand not just because of the prospect of buying and using medical cannabis (if they have a prescription from a certified doctor, of course), but it will also show that Thailand is an open-minded and forward-thinking country.

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