Thousands of Cambodian Migrant Workers Deported from Thailand

by Admin on July 18, 2018

In Poipet city alone, over 1,000 thousand Cambodian migrant workers have been deported from Thailand since June 30th for failing to get documented by authorities.

The ramping up of deportations in the month of July comes after the Thai Ministry of Labor and Cambodian government passed an initiative to document all illegal Cambodian workers in the country by a June 30th deadline.

Before the deadline, Thai and Cambodian officials claim that 350,000 Cambodian migrants had received work permits under the order.

But according to activists, there are still tens of thousands of illegal migrants working in Thailand and facing deportation. Some of whom, don’t have the means or money to get documented and who are often taken advantage of by companies or worker recruitment agents.

Last year, Thai authorities deported more than 13,000 illegal Cambodian workers. In just June and July of this year, that number is over 8,000, at the least.

Recently, a video of undocumented Cambodians being rounded up and deported drew outrage as it circulated social media in Thailand and Cambodia.

The Cambodian embassy called the video “fake news”, saying it was from 2015 and claiming that Thai authorities are not actively targeting undocumented Cambodian migrants.

Read the full story here.

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