Three New Thailand Laws to Know

by Admin on August 19, 2020

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Recently, Thailand passed three new laws–one regarding land tax law, another regarding copyright law, and the last regarding defamation.

The new Thailand land tax law amendment states that any property owner is exempt from paying land and building taxes as long as the appraised value of the property does not exceed 50 million baht.

The recently passed copyright law update attempts to give more protection to copyright holders online. In short, the amendment gives the owner of copyrighted content the ability to petition an internet service provider to pull down copyright violations.

The changes to Thailand’s defamation laws are in regards to restricting freedom of expression when it comes to libel and slander. Before, one law was used to prosecute online defamation.

Now, however, the Computer Crimes Act has been limited to prosecute the falsification of computer data, which is criminal punishment.

Defamation in the online realm will no longer be prosecuted under this act, and will instead be prosecuted under the civil code.

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