Undocumented Cambodian Workers May Face Deportation Soon

by Admin on June 20, 2018

Thai officials set a June 30th deadline recently for the remaining 10,000 undocumented Cambodian workers in Thailand to return to their country and get proper documentation or face deportation, according to The Nation.

The deadline comes in the wake of a move by the Thai Ministry of Labour, in conjunction with the Cambodian government, to document all migrant workers from the neighboring country.

Cambodian authorities claim that the Thai government has documented more than one million migrants since the policy’s inception.

Labour rights groups, on the other hand, say that the number of illegal workers is much higher than 10,000 and that migrants face a lot of difficulties when trying to get documented.

“Migrant workers have told us that the legalisation process costs around 3,000-4,000 baht [around $90-$120], but some can spend up to 10,000 baht because unscrupulous employment brokers convince them that this is how much it costs,” Dy The Hoya, of the labour rights group Central, told The Nation.

Read the full story here.

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