Hot! Tourism Industry Destroys another Island


Filipino President Rodrigo Duerte has ordered for the closure of one of Philippine’s most popular tourist destinations. Boracay Island brings in about 2 million tourists annually and generates about $1 billion from the tourism industry. However, the President has banned entrance to the island for outsiders and boats are banned from being within 3km of the island.

Duerte commented that the island “smelled of shit” due to the illegal pipelining of overcrowded businesses directing their sewage into water drains that end up in the ocean. In addition to the dismantling of illegal sewage systems, will be the demolition of illegal buildings such as the West Cove resort built on protected forest area.

Residents and local business on the island have welcomed the shut down as they have complained of authorities turning a blind eye in the past. However, they commented on the situation wishing they had “more time to adjust”.

The closure of the popular South East Asian tourist destination follows suit of the closure of another famed island, Maya Bay in Thailand.

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