TTIP Documents Leaked, Could Spell the End of the Deal

Greenpeace has leaked a significant chunk of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade deal, in what is being described as the end of the controversial agreement. As the Independent reports, the leak reveals […]

Oklahoma Court: It’s Not Rape if She’s Drunk

In a ruling already causing ripples of outrage throughout the online world, an Oklahoma court has ruled that performing oral sex on an unconscious drunk person is “not sexual assault.” According to the Guardian, local […]

US Police Stop Lesbian Using Female Toilet as Part of New “Anti-LGBT” Laws

The new HB 2 bill was passed into law in North Carolina last month, meaning police are now enforcing “toilet checks” to ensure only people can only use the toilet assigned to the gender matches […]

House Advances Email Privacy Act

Good news for privacy activists – the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday unanimously voted in favor of requiring a warrant to search emails. Under the Email Privacy Act, the government must now get a probable […]

Landmark Legal Ruling: Sandy Hook Families May Now Sue Gun Company

Some of the families who lost children in the Sandy Hook shootings filed a lawsuit against Remington Arms in 2014 because one of their rifles was involved in the fatalities. However, the Protection of Lawful […]