Thailand and Cambodia Deny Illegal Worker Crackdown

Thailand and Cambodia have denied there is a clamp down on illegal migrant workers by the junta following nearly 180,000 Cambodian laborers fleeing Thailand reports [...]

Thailand and USA To Enter Tax Sharing Agreement

The Thailand Revenue Department ammounced that Thailand will aid the US with enforcing the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) by the end of 2014 [...]

US Withdraws From Military Exercise In Thailand

The US Pentagon has canceled ongoing military exercises with Thailand and an upcoming visit by a top Navy official as a result of the military [...]

New Louisiana Laws Protect Gun Rights

Gov. Bobby Jindal signed two bills into law Friday May 23 2014 that will expand gun rights for Louisiana residents. The new statutes will come [...]

Thai Martial Law Becomes Coup

The Royal Thai Army declared martial law across Thailand on Tuesday, but followed yesterday with a statement that they are taking over the government completely, [...]