Shock Over US Shooting of TV Anchor Live On Air

Wednesdays’s shooting of TV anchor Alison Parker, 24 and cameraman Adam Ward, 27 of WDBJ-TV in Virginia has caused shockwaves, however although the gunman is dead, the investigations are far from over, reports CNN. Vester […]

Amnesty International Vote Yes to Decriminalizing Prostitution

It’s official: after weeks of speculation, Amnesty International has voted to decriminalize the sex industry, CNBC has reported. Tuesday night saw hundreds of Amnesty delegates vote from Dublin, Ireland, to change the ‘Draft Policy on […]

Death Penalty For Corruption in Thailand

Anyone engaging in corrupt activity in Thailand could now face the death penalty, in accordance to new anti-corruption legislation passed by the Thai military government, reports the Bangkok Post. The Anti-Corruption Act of 1999 has […]

Crackdown on Foreign Owned Companies in Phuket for Violating Alien Business Law

Four companies in Phuket are facing investigation by the Department of Special Investigation, for using Thai nominees to hold a majority stake, writes The Nation. Under the Thai Foreign Business Act of 1999, non-Thai’s are […]

Shock Over Black Magic Child Sacrifice in Nepal

Nine people in the Nawalparasi district of Southwest Nepal have been arrested on charges of murdering a 10 year old boy in what villagers described as a human sacrifice, reports International Business Times. 10 year […]