Busted: NBC Producer Secretly Records Sex Tape and Puts on Internet

According to the New York Post, NBC News online producer Carlo Dellaverson has been charged with “disseminating unlawful surveillance and harassment” after his girlfriend discovered a sex tape of them on Dellaverson’s computer. Dellaverson reportedly [...]

Seattle Woman Charged with Rape Against Sleeping Man

A 240-pound woman from Seattle was charged with second-degree rape on September 8, 2014, for sexually assaulting a 31-year-old man in his home in June 2013, reports The Smoking Gun. According to The Smoking Gun, [...]

California Passes “Yes Means Yes” Sexual Consent Bill

A new bill requiring college students to get “affirmative consent” before sex was unanimously passed by the California senate in late August, reports The Guardian. The bill, SB 967, being called the “yes means yes” [...]

Same-Sex Couple’s Adoption Granted in Wisconsin Court

A judge in Wisconsin ruled that constitutionally valid same-sex marriages must be recognized under Wisconsin state adoption laws, reports the Jurist. On Wednesday, September 10, 2014, Judge Shelley Gaylord, of the Wisconsin Dane County Circuit [...]

Gambia Passes New Anti-LGBT Bill

The Gambia passed a bill in August 2014 that amended its criminal code to make “aggravated homosexuality” punishable by life imprisonment, according to The Guardian. Previously in Gambia, homosexual acts by either men or women [...]