Thailand Officials Crackdown on Land Misuse on Koh Chang Island

Thailand’s Department of National Parks, with the help of marines from the Royal Thai Navy and local police, initiated a large scale investigation of alleged [...]

Taliban Prisoners were Illegally Exchanged for U.S. Prisoner of War

The United States’ Government Accountability Office ruled that the Department of Defense illegally exchanged five Taliban detainees for U.S. soldier and prisoner of war Bowe [...]

Baby Gammy: Australia Investigates Father, Convicted Child Sex Offender reports the father of baby Gammy and his twin sister, who were both born in Thailand by a surrogate, is being investigated by Australian [...]

Cancer Rice? Chinese University Feeds Students GM Rice, Leukemia Increases

A university in China allegedly fed genetically modified rice to students causing the number of acute leukemia cases to surpass than the normal rate in [...]

Monkeying Around: Pictures Monkeys Take Can’t be Copyrighted

Pictures taken by nonhumans do not qualify for copyright according to the U.S. Copyright Office’s updated rules and regulations, reports the ABA Journal. The update [...]