Thailand Land Office ‘Most Corrupt Agency’

Thailand’s land offices are the “most corrupt agency,” accepting the most bribes according to a newly released academic survey, reports The Nation. The survey was given to 6,048 “heads of Thai households” in January and […]

Thailand Government Passes First Animal Abuse Law

The Thai government passed an animal welfare bill on Wednesday, November 12, making it the country’s first law to prosecute anyone found guilty of animal cruelty, reports the Bangkok Post. According to the Bangkok Post, […]

Watch James O’Keefe Expose Voter Fraud in North Carolina

James O’Keefe, an investigative reporter with Project Veritas Action, went undercover to find out how many times he could cast a ballot for the midterm elections without ever having to prove his identity. “Of all […]

Beach Party Ban in Surat Thani Creates Controversy

Tourism operators in Surat Thani are worried that a new ban on beach parties recently announced by the governor will deter tourists from visiting the area, reports Thai PBS. According to Thai PBS, Governor Chatpong […]

Judge Strikes Down Appeal, Gay Sex Still Illegal in Singapore

According to AsiaOne, the Singapore Court of Appeal upheld a law criminalizing sex between men in October after hearing two separate cases challenging the law. Under Section 377A of the Penal Code, acts of “gross […]