Muay Thai superstar ‘Buakaw’ Walks Out, Forfeits K-1 Max Championship Bout

Sombat “Buakaw” Banchamek walked out the deciding round of a K-1 Max mixed-martial arts tournament on Saturday, forfeiting the championship and possibly breaking his contract with K-1 Max organizers, reports the Bangkok Post. According to [...]

Lack of Surrogacy Laws ‘Reckless’, Australia Government Should Investigate Says Judge

Top judges in Australia are calling on the government to investigate its laws on international commercial surrogacy over concerns of lack of enforcement and human rights violations, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Because many parents [...]

Russia Fights Back: May Seize Foreign Assets to Counteract Sanctions

The International Business Times reports that the Russian government is reviewing draft legislation that would allow them to seize foreign-owned assets to compensate individuals and companies hit by Western sanctions. Russia’s wealthy elite and have [...]

Hong Kong Protest: Police Retreat, Pro-Democracy Crowds Grow

Hong Kong pulled back anti-riot police, but protest crowds continue to grow on Monday as protestors call for election reform and top officials to resign, reports the Bangkok Post. The public demonstrations started on Thursday, [...]

Australia Plans to Transfer Refugees to Cambodia Under New Deal, Protests Break Out

Refugees seeking asylum in Australia and being held in the mandatory detention center on the South Pacific island of Nauru will be transferred to and resettled in Cambodia after a new, controversial deal was signed [...]