U.S. Immigration for Thousands of Haitians Expedited

Starting in early 2015, immigrants from Haiti will be permitted to enter the U.S. without a permanent visa under a new immigration program from the Obama administration, reports The Washington Times. The U.S. Citizenship and [...]

‘Information War’ Spurs Crackdown on Foreign-Owned Media in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law on Wednesday, October 15 that passed new impositions on foreign companies owning Russian media, reports The Telegraph. Under the new law only up to 20 percent of [...]

Thai Supreme Court Dismisses Genetically Modified Papaya Case

Thailand’s Supreme Court terminated a lawsuit from Greenpeace—an environmental NGO—filed against the Department of Agriculture (DOA) for alleged negligence while testing genetically modified papayas, reports Thai PBS. In 2004, after the DOA tested GM papaya [...]

Muay Thai superstar ‘Buakaw’ Walks Out, Forfeits K-1 Max Championship Bout

Sombat “Buakaw” Banchamek walked out the deciding round of a K-1 Max mixed-martial arts tournament on Saturday, forfeiting the championship and possibly breaking his contract with K-1 Max organizers, reports the Bangkok Post. According to [...]

Lack of Surrogacy Laws ‘Reckless’, Australia Government Should Investigate Says Judge

Top judges in Australia are calling on the government to investigate its laws on international commercial surrogacy over concerns of lack of enforcement and human rights violations, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Because many parents [...]