Facebook Blocks Posts in Thailand

Websites censored are those deemed unsuitable by the Thai military junta Image by SEO Mashable reports that Facebook is geo-censoring posts that may be deemed inappropriate by the Thai government. It was reported that on Tuesday, […]

Man arrested in Thailand for Possession of Burnt Fetuses

The man has been identified as being a British citizen A reproduction Kuman Thong sold as a souvenir at the Buddhist temple at Ayutthaya, Thailand by Greg Field  A British citizen in Thailand has been arrested after […]

Ohio Governor Says No To Heartbeat Abortion Law

Governor’s veto could still be overridden by lawmakers Photo of Governor Kasich by Gage Skidmore The controversial heartbeat abortion bill was quickly dismissed by Ohio Governor John Kasich in favor of a more widely received abortion law that […]

Codeine Becomes a Prescription-Only Drug in Australia

Drug regulators say codeine carried a risk of addiction Australians that want to purchase codeine containing painkillers will require a doctor’s prescription starting from February 2018 according to a statement released by the Australian government. […]

Showing Anger in Thailand- Video

A short video on how anger is perceived in Thailand Thailand is a country known for its tourist hospitality and for the friendliness of the people that live in it. Often, however a person may […]