Hot! Amendments to copyright act 2015

Amendments to copyright act 2015

The Copyright Act of 2015 was published in the Royal Gazette on February 5, 2015 and came into effect 180 days after the publication in the Royal Gazette.

The Act amends the Copyright Act of 1994 (B.E. 2537) , by adding thereto the following provisions:

(i) new Section 32/1 on the first sale exception;

(ii) new Section 32/2 on the temporary reproduction exception; (iii) new Section 32/3 on the preliminary injunctions against infringement of copyright in computer systems;

(iv) new Section 53/1 and Section 53/2 on the establishment of a framework for Rights Management Information (RMI);

(v) new Section 53/4 on the prohibition against the circumvention of Technological Protection Measures (TPMs), new Section 53/5 on the specific exceptions to liability for circumventing TPMs and new Section 70/1 on the criminal liability for the person who commits such act of circumvention;

(vi) new paragraph 2 added to Section 64 on the punitive damages that double the amount of damages suffered by the copyright owners and performers; and

(vii) changes to Section 75 allowing the court to order the destruction of counterfeit goods after seizure.

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