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Specializing in both family and business legal assistance, Chaninat & Leeds is led by a US Attorney in Bangkok.  They provide a variety of professional services regarding immigration, land acquisition, intellectual property rights and foreign company registration.   We would like to thank Chaninat & Leeds for submission of this article.



(1) Either Contracting Party may authorize transit through its territory of a person surrendered to the other by a third State. The Contracting Party requesting transit shall provide the transit State, through diplomatic channels, with a request for transit which shall contain a description of the person being transited and a brief statement of the facts of the case. No such authorization is required where air transportation is used and no landing is scheduled on the territory of the other Contracting Party.

(2) If an unscheduled landing on the territory of the other Contracting Party occurs, transit shall be subject to the provisions of paragraph (1) of this Article. That Contracting Party may detain the person to be transited for a period up to 96 hours while awaiting the request for transit.

Expenses and Assistance

(1) Expenses incurred in the territory of the Requested State by reason of extradition, up to the moment of surrender of the person to be extradited, shall be borne by that State.

Scope of Application

This Treaty shall apply to extraditable offenses under this Treaty committed before as well as after the date this Treaty enters into force.

Ratification and Entry into Force

(1) This Treaty shall be subject to ratification; the instruments of ratification shall be exchanged at Bangkok as soon as possible.
(2) This Treaty shall enter into force 30 days after the exchange of the instruments of ratification.
(3) On entry into force of this Treaty, the Treaty of Extradition between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Thailand signed at Bangkok on December 30, 1922 shall cease to have effect, provided that any extradition proceedings pending in the Requested State at the time this Treaty enters into force shall remain effective thereafter.


Either Contracting Party may terminate this treaty at any time by giving written notice to the other Party, and the termination shall be effective six months after the date of receipt of such notice. Such termination shall not prejudice any extradition proceedings commenced prior to the giving of such notice.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed this Treaty.

Done in duplicate at Washington on 14 December 1983 in the Thai and English languages, both texts being equally authentic.


                     For the Government of the                    For the Government of the
                        Kingdom of Thailand                          United States of America

                           (Siddhi Savetsila)                               (William French Smith)
                      Minister of Foreign Affairs                      Attorney General of the
                               of Thailand                                   United States of America

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