Hot! David Bowie Death Hoax Conspiracy

A wave of conspiracy theories has flooded the internet, suggesting a number of odd things about David Bowie and the recent news of his death.

The main theory being that David Bowie is not actually dead at all. Or perhaps more accurately, David Jones (Bowie’s legal name) is not dead in the literal sense, but only the idea of Bowie as a symbol or character is gone. David Bowie is a stage name, and as none of the obituary’s state that David Jones has died, there is (arguably) a certain level of ambiguity.

The “Lazarus” Theory

This theory grew roots as a result of two of Bowie’s music videos released shortly before his death– Blackstar and Lazarus.

Image Credit: Marc Wathleu (Flickr)

Image Credit: Marc Wathleu (Flickr)

We’ll skim over the many suggestions of Illuminati and satanic symbolism used in the videos (it’s too long, but you can read more here and here).

In both videos, Bowie plays the same character – an aging weak man with bandaged eyes.

In the New Testament, Lazarus died and was then resurrected four days later by Christ.

This is most likely an artistic representation of the cancer that was (supposedly) killing him. But fans are suggesting Lazarus is Bowie’s way of hinting that he will be back.

However, the Lazarus theory really grew wings when a man called Jack Steven, a music industry executive, appeared on Sky News to discuss David Bowie’s departure.

Viewers were quick to note that Steven bares a remarkable resemblance to Bowie, and suggest that this is in fact (ha!) the singer in disguise.

The theory is arguably compounded when Steven opens the interview by saying “a part of me had died,” referring to how he felt when he heard the news of Bowies death.

Is this Bowie playing a joke on us all? Or is Jack Steven a real man, a real fan, and a genuine “music industry executive” as described?

Read more about this theory here, here and here, and watch the video below.

Editors notes:

Opinions in the ThaiLawForum office are divided, but what has befuddled all of us is Jack Steven’s Linkedin page, which states that Steven’s spent 59 years and 6 months working for Kuba Entertainment.

Almost 60 years is a long career indeed.

Given that Stevens looks to be in his mid to late sixties, it seems unlikely that he started work for Kuba’s before his tenth birthday.

Image Credit: tierry ermann (Flickr)

David Bowie. Image Credit: tierry ermann (Flickr)

This could of course be a mere typing error, and this does not appear to have been picked up by mainstream media, so we have no idea whether this is a digression worth taking further. Doubtful.

However, we will say that given that his profile has recently been updated to include a link to the aforementioned Sky News interview, and the likelihood that his appearance would inevitably result in multiple Google searches of him, this seems a pretty large oversight for whoever is managing the page. Just saying.

Also, this would mean that Kuba Entertainment is a pretty long standing company. Putting our very best detective skills to the test, we searched both the UK and US government company’s lists to check when the firm was registered – but no sign of it. Does it even exist?

Of course, most of what we’ve described above can be explained away with a casual wave of the hand and one word – coincidence.

But, could all these coincidences have been designed by a great artist – or Bowie himself?

So – is this Bowie in disguise? Or is this a crackpot theory from people who have let their imaginations run away with them?

Unfortunately we don’t have the answer. But we are tempted to draw a sensible conclusion – that David Bowie (and David Jones) has died as reported. Most things in the world are, after all, not mysterious, however much we might like to believe in secret worlds we’ve yet to discover.

Bowie’s final contribution to the world of music is merely representative of a dying man battling with dark emotions, and hoping to keep us guessing a little longer.

He’s certainly achieved that.

Be sure to let us know what you think!

Check out the Jack Steven’s Sky appearance here:


  1. This is absolutely a hoax! I don’t know what Bowie’s playing at but this is hilarious, he’s really got everybody fooled. Anyone who knows the first thing about the symbolism in the videos can see he’s playing a trick on us – and Jack Steven, so called “music industry executive” that no ones ever heard of – good one David!!
    “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” I’m guessing he’s on some island somewhere.

  2. Apparently some people genuinely believe that Kanye West, YES Mr Kim bitchface Kardashian herself was PREDICTED by Bowie before he was even born… Seriously?? I think these conspiracy theorists should be locked away – crazy man.
    I always liked Bowie… if he actually predicted freakin’ Kanye west then i will burn all his records.

  3. The Kanye West theory may sound crazy, but if you actually look at why people are saying it then it seems less so.

    Firstly, take the album cover of Bowie’s 1972 album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. Bowie is depicted standing under a sign that says “K. WEST.”

    The first song on this album is called “Five Years.” The song claims that the world will end in five years – unless, a savior arrives – a “Starman.”

    Five years after the release of the album (to the month – just 2 days out) Kanye West is born.

    Now, take these Blackstar lyrics:

    “Something happened on the day he died […] Spirit rose a meter and stepped aside/ Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried/ ‘I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar!'”

    To be very literal, Kanye West is a “Black Star.” To take this further, the line continues, not a “gangstar.” When Kanye West first started making music (I realize many people will deny that what he creates is music) he was seen as an alternative to gangsta rap that was so prominent at the time, instead displaying his middle class values. He has also used biblical references throughout his music, and has even claimed “I am a god.”

    These theories have actually been circulating since 2007, so they are not new as of Bowies death.

    So yeah, of course it sounds a little far out and crazy, but I can sympathize with the theorists, because sometimes you gotta think how many coincidences can there be?!

  4. Kanye West is an absolute douche and I want him and his ugly wife to rot in hell

  5. I’ll bet he’s loving the attention though and people comparing him to Bowie!! Did you hear he wanted to do a bowie cover album and people have been signing a petition to stop him?! This alone makes this theory unlikely

  6. withiut all the death publicity all you have is a mediocre album and a lot of satanist imagery. the death hoax is what is making the album sell. all the satanist imagery just shows that bowie and his crew lack imagination. same same ho hum…

  7. Lack imagination? Are you serious? Mr big mouth indeed, you dont know what youre talking about.

  8. well if he didnt die he deserved to based on how much his new album sucks

  9. Just as an addition to this: Bowie left money in his will to a company called Opossom Inc. There is no public information to be found anywhere on the company. I’m not saying it doesnt exist but it’s pretty odd. THe most curious part is that an Opossom is an animal that plays dead. Either he’s having a joke and is still alive, or before he died he decided to leave a trail of stuff to confuse us all and keep us talking. There are too many weird things to all be a coincidence. Read:$category%20p$3

  10. It’s reasonable to speculate as to why Jack Steven looks more like David Bowie in the recent Sky News interview than he did in the Dallas Music Roundtable video from 2009. I really don’t think that anyone watching the Dallas Music Roundtable video would have mistaken Steven for Bowie. There are aspects of his facial features which appear more like Bowie in the Sky News Video News Release. I don’t see how aging 5 years would really account for these changes in appearance. I wouldn’t rule out plastic surgery. However, I did also note some David Bowieisms during the Sky News video. There’s also something about the interview that doesn’t ring true. Neither of the women mention that Steven bears a resemblance to Bowie. That seems strange to me. It could be a publicity gag. Bowie might even have even created this video news release prior to his death (purported or actual). I wouldn’t put it past him. He enjoyed stimulating controversy, and he also had a sense of humor. He might have known that the controversy would boost sales of his albums. I’m assuming that Jack Steven would have given permission for a gag involving his persona. Someone really should talk to Jack Steven. I’m fairly certain that he could explain things. If Jack Steven suddenly dies, or disappears, then we really should start to wonder.

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