Hot! “Disturbing” Anti LGBT Bill Passes in Georgia

Yesterday a controversial religious freedom bill was passed in Georgia, meaning that hospitals could turn away homosexual individuals due to their right to “religious liberty.”

Homo-Eяectus- (Flickr)

Gay Pride! Image Credit: Homo-Eяectus- (Flickr)

The House Bill 757, which has passed in Georgia’s House and Senate, was initially introduced to protect pastors who were uncomfortable with same-sex weddings. However, the amendments have extended to potentially include all businesses and employees.

As Dazed Digital points out, this could mean that “even hospitals could technically – and legally – refuse to provide medical care to LGBT individuals, due to their right to “religious liberty”.

HB 757 has drawn significant backlash from campaigners, not only on a moral front but due to further concerns that this could negatively impact the state on several fronts.

Read more on this story here.

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