Hot! Gun Culture Embedded in Texas’ History

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The state that markets itself as “a whole other country” likely isn’t going to throw its hat in with the likes of Colorado and New York — states that recently passed strict gun control measures.

Texas has a unique history and guns are deeply embedded in it. As gun-toting Beaumont pastor James McAbee said, “We believe an armed society is a peaceful society. This is Texas, and everybody has a gun.”

While other states react to the recent mass shootings in the U.S. with tightening firearms restrictions, and while many notorious shootings have taken place in Texas, the state and its pro-gun culture will remain defiant, USA Today reported.

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Although the state has the highest number of gun dealers, it also reports a low rate of death from homicide. In 2010, the state ranked 23rd nationally.

Gun advocates said guns have played a prominent role in the state’s history, through wars and independence. Today, advocates say the state’s affinity for guns and low death-by-gun numbers illustrate a key point that separates Texas from the rest: a responsible gun culture.

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