Hot! Hong Kong Rules Against Immigration Residency Rights

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Hong Kong’s highest court ruled Tuesday that domestic workers are not entitled to permanent residency, reports The New York Times. The court ruled unanimously that a Filipino domestic worker who lived in the city for nearly 27 years could gain permanent residency, which would have granted access to social services like health care.

Public opinion in Hong Kong sides with that of the Court of Final Appeal. Citizens believe granting permanent residency to domestic workers will increase social spending. Activists in the case argue that denying residency will continue to deepen the rift in gender and race divisions between the estimated 300,000 foreign workers.

Immigration Law in Thailand 
A Thailand work permit allows non-nationals the opportunity to legally build a career in the Kingdom that is rewarding and fulfilling.

The high court’s decision was watched across Asia, as many wonder whether Hong Kong will embrace diversity.

Disputes regarding legal rights for immigrants in Hong Kong echoes that of Europe and the United States, where the disagreement involves illegal workers.

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