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Thailand Law and Legal Seminars and Conferences
DTA Training Workshops : DOUBLE TAXATION CONVENTIONS The training is divided into 4 half day sessions

Workshop 4: Tax Havens and Tax Planning
2 September 2008, at Pan Pacific Hotel, Bkk. Organized by the Irving Seminar & Training
29 August 2008, at Sheraton Grande Hotel, Bkk. Organized by the Thai Appraisal.
Current Trends and Challenges in International Business Taxation 29-30 August 2008, at Novotel Siam Square Hotel, Bkk. Organized by the Unique Seminar.
HOUSING THE POOR BY PRIVATE INITIATIVES 16-19 September 2008, at Ambassador Hotel, Bkk. Organized by Thai Appraisal.
CONTRACT RISK MANAGEMENT 17-18 September 2008, at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bkk. Organized by the Asia Business.
Expatriate Employees in Thailand: Tax & Legal Planning, Updates 2008
16 October 2008, at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bkk. Organized by the Irving Seminar & Training.
Fixed Income & Bond Market Thailand 2008
30-31 October 2008, at Grand Millennium Sukhumvit, Bkk. Organized by the Asia Business Forum.

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Defrauded in Thailand !

There was nothing much to distinguish Tony Shaughnessy from the thousands of other new expatriate arrivals in Thailand. He had a middle-aged spread, a face lined from years of taking orders, cold winters and the regular indignities of modern urban society. Now Tony twisted and turned in the law firm’s chair, his face a mixture of fear, anguish and shame.  He related his story like a confession, haltingly, taking time to judge the reaction of his listener as he filled in the sordid on

Transsexuals and Thai Law

Walk down almost any busy street in Thailand, especially in a tourist hotspot such as Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, and chances are good that you will see at least one Thai transsexual. Thailand’s first sex change surgery was performed in 1972 and the country now hosts more of these procedures per year than any other country in the world. on

2008 Top Thailand Legal and Business Stories
TLF NEWS 22 August 08 : Computer Violation Act The Computer Violation Act, to take effect on 23 August 2008, requires internet service providers, businesses, and others to retain Internet traffic data of users for a period of 90 days so that police are able to track down persons engaged in cyber crime. more
TLF NEWS 15 August 08 : Tax Incentive for the Property Market The government implemented a tax incentive package, having taken effect on 29 March 2008, to promote growth in the property market. more
TLF NEWS 2 June 08 : Revised Daily Minimum Wage for Thailand To offset the rising costs of diesel and other essential goods, the Labor Ministry increased the daily minimum wage for Thai workers, with varying rates for different provinces. more
TLF NEWS 29 May 08 : Amended Condominium Act The amended Condominium Act makes developers of condominiums in Thailand liable for abiding by their advertising claims and takes effect on 4 July 2008. more
TLF NEWS 4 Apr 08 : New Procedures for Granting a Business License Under The Foreign Business Act The Ministry of Commerce has issued new regulations easing the application procedure for alien businesses in the following 5 categories under List 3 of the Foreign Business Act. more

TLF NEWS 1 Apr 08 : New Grounds for Divorce : The Civil and Commercial Code has undergone revision related to grounds for divorce, granting equal treatment under law for both men and women. The National Legislative Assembly promulgated the new law on 30 August 2550. more

TLF NEWS 31 Mar 08 : New Court Fees: The National Legislative Assembly approved the new act with modification to court fees on 30 Jan 2008. The new law takes effect on 30 April 2008. This act will change filing of all types of motions, complaints, and other court filings. more

TLF NEWS 24 Mar 08 : Escrow Business Law : The new escrow business law is intended to protect buyers and sellers of real estate from possible fraud and deceit through the services of a neutral third party who holds funds, property, or legal documents for disbursement once certain conditions are met as instructed by the buyer and seller. more

TLF NEWS 3 Mar 08 : New Rules on Company Registration : The Government approved changes to the Civil and Commercial Code related to company registration on 23 February 2008. The changes will come into effect on 1 July 2008. more


TLF NEWS 2 May 08 New Alien Worker Act B.E.2551 (2008)

  Thailand Law Journal: Selected Article  
  Intellectual Property Rights and Pharmaceuticals: A Thai Perspective on Prices and Technological Capability  

This article analyzes the current patent registration regime in Thailand and the potential consequences of more rigorous patent enforcement.

  Thailand Law Journal: Selected Article  

Constitutional Reform, Legal Consciousness, and Citizen Participation in Thailand

Professor Munger examines differing views of legal consciousness and democracy for rural and urban Thais in the age of globalization and economic development.


Parental Power, Guardian

The plaintiff, an invalid who could not speak, walk, or help himself, by means of the plaintiff's father, as legal representative, initiated a lawsuit for damages from the defendant for violations against the plaintiff. The court judges that the plaintiff's father acted inappropriately when he signed the document authorizing himself as the plaintiff's legal representative without first having received the court's approval of the father as the guardian or curator of the plaintiff.


Land, Trespassing, Criminal Code

The defendant and parties prepared and leveled a parcel of land, and constructed a residential home, complete with a barbed wire fence surrounding the home, on land owned by the Treasury Department. The Land Act empowers the court to order the violator, workers, employees, and parties of the violator to vacate the land, and ensures that the government, who is the owner of the land, can take immediate possession and benefit from the land, without a need for a separate civil lawsuit to expel the violator.
Joint Liability, Employer and Employee, Statute of Limitations

The plaintiff filed a court action against the second defendant, the employer of the first defendant, for liability as regards the wrongful act of the first defendant, committed during the course of the first defendant's employment. A claim for liability on the part of the employer for a negligent act of an employee must be filed during a shorter statute of limitations period, compared to a claim against the employee who is directly responsible for the violation, in the event the employer is not a party to the violation.



The plaintiff was prohibited from filing a court action to demand payment for debt against the defendant, a debtor company, because of the company's status as an abandoned company. However, the plaintiff is entitled to file a court action against the directors of the company, in the role of the company's auditors, for payment of the company's debts and distribution of the company's property prior to dissolution of the company.


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