Hot! Investigators Look Into Tiger Disco Fire

Photo by Ben Watts

Forensic experts from Bangkok have been called in to assist Phuket officers in their investigation into what caused the fire at Tiger Discotheque on Patong’s Soi Bangla and killed four people.

The blaze, which injured at least 12, may have started as a result of an electrical fault inside the building. Earlier, the main electricity transformer outside the building had exploded plunging the whole area into the darkness.

Investigators are looking into whether modifications to extend the building had been legally approved and carried out according to building regulations. They are also trying to identify the four people who perished in the fire.

Approximately two years ago there was a major fire at a Bangkok nightclub called Santika. The fire was during a news year’s celebration where 66 people were killed and another 222 were injured.

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