Hot! Legal Wife has no right to claim compensation. If the mistress doesn’t “disclose”

According to Section 1523 paragraph 2 of the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code, a lawful wife has the right to file a court case pursuant to the  Thailand law of Adultery in a Thailand divorce case (or outside of a divorce case) and claim compensation from another woman who had an affair with her husband. However, in order to exercise this right, there must be evidence that the other woman had a relationship with the husband in a manner that indicates infidelity. In this case, the investigation revealed that Defendant had a sexual relationship with the husband of Plaintiff, which was arranged through mobile phone calls and messaging, including Line chat. They had sexual encounters at various locations, and there were video clips and photos of them engaging in sexual activities. The husband also regularly sent flowers and transferred money to Defendant’s account. Plaintiff filed a complaint about Defendant’s behavior to the top management of the bank where Defendant worked, which resulted in disciplinary action against Defendant. Although Defendant admitted to having a sexual relationship with the Husband in the investigation report, she denied that she was in the position of the husband’s second wife or that the husband had ever praised her as a wife. The evidence, including photos and video clips, were provided by the husband, who explained the locations where the sexual encounters took place to Plaintiff. Therefore, Plaintiff was able to confirm the relationship between the husband and Defendant based on her husband’s own account, as well as their behavior and conduct.

The video clip that Plaintiff received from her own husband is not indicative of the true intention of both individuals to have a public relationship. Plaintiff, with the consent of the husband, presented various pieces of evidence to prove this fact. Plaintiff sent images of her sexual relationship with Defendant to her sister, who then spread them on the network, which led to their dissemination in society. This was an act committed by Plaintiff herself, not Defendant. Therefore, the relationship between the two individuals must be kept hidden and conducted in secret, even though it may be a violation of Plaintiff’s family rights with her spouse. However, Plaintiff cannot demand compensation from Defendant because Defendant did not reveal that she had a relationship with Plaintiff’s husband, which is in accordance with Article 1523, paragraph 2 of the Civil and Commercial Code.
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