Hot! New Yorkers Protest New Gun Laws

Gun Control After Brit's Death On Koh Phangan

Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered Wednesday to protest Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new gun control law, considered to be the nation’s toughest.

The rally, called Turn Albany Upside Down, brought out almost 600 protesters criticizing the new law’s infringement on their Second Amendment rights and pushing for its repeal.

The law is similar to the federal law proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein. The new law limits magazines to seven rounds, and bans popular assault weapons like the AR-15. Semi-automatic rifles with more than one military style feature are also banned. Those who own the newly outlawed guns must register them. It also strengthens penalties on illegal guns.

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Some New York Senators are saying that Cuomo’s law, which passed in January, was done in haste, a rash reaction to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings a month earlier. While they’re drafting resolutions to the legislation that would loosen some restrictions, the responsibility largely weighs on voters in the 2014 election.

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