Hot! Photos From Inside a Thai Slaugterhouse Draws Condemnation

Grisly pictures from inside a Thai slaughterhouse drew widespread condemnation recently and highlighted the lack of humane killing practices in Thailand’s meat industry.

The undercover photos from the slaughterhouse located in central Thailand show workers clubbing pigs to death with bats as well as stunning animals in the eyes with homemade shock devices.

Under Thai law, animals in slaughterhouses must be killed humanely and without causing suffering.

In small and mid-sized slaughterhouses, these regulations are often poorly monitored and enforced and, hence, most time ignored.

Pork is a common ingredient in many Thai dishes and an estimated 18 million pigs are raised each year, making up a pork industry that’s worth over $3 billion.

“Across south-east Asia, humane slaughter standards and enforcement are needed for all species slaughtered, including pigs, poultry, cattle and buffalo, as well as geese and ducks,” said Kate Blaszak of World Animal Protection (WAP).

Read the full story here.

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