Hot! Revenge Hackers Take Over Thai Police Websites Following Koh Tao Murder Verdict

Anonymous, the hacking collective that have taken on ISIS, the Nigerian government and the Japanese Whaling Industry have now turned their attention to the Thai police, reports Chiang Rai Times.

Image Credit: Lorraine Murphy (Flickr)

Hacking group Anonymous. Image Credit: Lorraine Murphy (Flickr)

The group took over several Thai police websites including the Bangkok Metropolitan Police Bureau. Several websites went offline completely and others simply displayed the hackers message: “Failed Law. We want Justice. #BoycottThailand”.

The hack is in response to the recent police verdict to the murders of two British backpackers, Hannah Witheridge and David Miller. Anonymous released a video on their Facebook page explaining the reason for the hack.

The video’s digitalized voice explains: “Anonymous has found that Thai police, lie, fabricate evidence, do poor police investigating, contaminate crime scenes, loose DNA and evidence, accuse non-Thai nationals” and “refuse to believe that their own Thai locals are responsible for any wrongdoing”

Read the full story here.

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