Hot! Sales Of 1984 Soar Following Prism Claims


Amazon have reported that sales of 1984 have risen by a staggering 5771% in the last few days. It is believed the claims that regarding the National Security Administration (NSA) and Prism, and in particular that the American government is now believed to be monitoring private and personal communications far more closely and widely than previously understood is behind it’s recent popularity reports The Telegraph.

The figures suggest that the general public are concerned by the information that has recently come into the public domain thanks to Edward Snowden, whose present location is still unknown. It has also been noted that Orwellian language has also been creeping into the dialogue of US politicians.

Orwell’s novel is about a future London, which is run as a police state and overseen by “Big Brother”. All aspect of civilian life is monitored and controlled with the slogan: Big Brother is watching you”. Given that it was written some 64 years ago, some are remarking that it has ended up a scary reflection of life as we now know it.

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