Hot! Supreme Court: Adultery Can Lead to Imprisonment

In this remarkable Thailand Supreme Court case decision, a husband sued another man for committing adultery with his lawful wife.  After winning the adultery case against the wife’s adulterer, the husband and plaintiff then alleged, in a new complaint, that the adulterer did not pay the judgment amount, and, in fact, transferred his funds to a third party, to avoid paying the judgment amount.

According to Thai law, a spouse can file criminal a criminal complaint for adultery against the adulterer or unfaithful spouse. Adultery is not, by itself, a criminal case. However, Section 350 of the Thailand Criminal Code states that “Whoever, in order to  prevent his creditor or the creditor of the other person from  receiving payment in whole or in part which has been or will be claimed through the Court, removes, conceals or transfers any property to another person, or maliciously contracts a debt for any-sum  which  is  not  true,  shall  be  punished  with  imprisonment  not  exceeding  two  years  or fined not exceeding four thousand Baht, or both.”

The basis of the judgment by the Supreme Court, in this case, was that the defendants by concealing funds the offense of defrauding creditors according to Section 350 of the Criminal Code.

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Read more: Judgment of the Supreme Court No. 8774/2550

credit photo : Hernán Piñera

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