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Foreign Business Act Amendments Passed by Cabinet
On 9 January 2007 the Cabinet passed amendments to the Foreign Business Act of 1999 introduced by the Ministry of Commerce. If the amendments became law several important provisions of the Foreign Business Act would be repealed or modified.

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Foreign Business Act Amendments Question and Answer
Translation of the Amendments to the Foreign Business Act

Bank of Thailand Relaxes Reserve Requirement
Currency bought or exchanged against the baht for equity investments (not including mutual funds) in the Stock Exchange of Thailand is exempted from the 30% reserve requirement. The baht proceeds obtained from the above transactions can be credited to Nonresident Baht Accounts which are allowed to exceed 300 million baht until further notice.
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Read about the Reserve Requirement
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Globalization and Restorative Justice in the Thai Criminal Justice System

Jutharat Ua-amnoey, Assistant Professor and Criminologist at Chulalongkorn University, explains how the global trend in restorative justice has emerged in Thailand and helped reform the authoritarian regime of the Thai criminal justice system. Causes and consequences of this trend in Thailand are also discussed in the article. 
Thailand Law Forum: Feature Article

Jurisdiction of Electronic Transaction in Thailand

Sangsit Narintarangkul Na Ayudhaya offers a concise review of current electronic transaction jurisdiction theory and relevant Thai laws, before demonstrating how the jurisdiction of electronic transaction differs from territorial jurisdiction. He brings our attention to the ambiguities of the existing principles of jurisdiction in Thai law when applied to cases of electronic transaction.

Rolex A.S. Company v. Nuntana Pitsaithakorn

Although the defendant wishes to produce and sell a watch under the name “Solex”, there is no evidence that customers will confuse this brand with “Rolex” as they know that “Solex” is a trade-mark of a key company. Therefore the defendant can register a trademark under the name Solex ”without being in violation of any laws.
Porntip v. Panomprai Katesa

The plaintiff has the right to file for divorce as her husband's behavior provides grounds for divorce.
Castle Ridge v. Department of Intellectual Property

"Choanpoy" and "Peepe" are the names of Chinese herbs which can be used to remedy coughs and abate phlegm. These two words were combined with the word, "Kor" which means cough for the name of the trademark, "Choanpoypeepekor". Because the name of this trademark is only the name of the herbs and the word cough with no modification, it is illegal. Therefore the trademark registration is revoked.

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