Hot! TSA Launches ‘Enhanced’ Pat Down Procedure

The procedure replaces several pat-down tactics used in the past

5782904251_d9bd744804_oPhoto by David Prasad

The Transportation Security Administration introduced a “universal pat-down” procedure that includes “enhanced security measures” in place of old security pat down tactics.

According to LA Times, “The TSA is standardizing its physical search procedure rather than allow screeners to choose among types of searches to reduce the chance of poor decisions at crucial security checkpoints.”

The agency said that the universal pat down (UPD) was introduced to lessen cognitive burden for airport security officers as well as “reduce the possibility for confusion with passengers and employees.”

According to the report, details of the procedure have not been released but the agency has braced itself for possible backlash from passengers.

Passengers who refuse to go through the full-body screening machine or who trigger it will be subject to the pat-down.

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