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1) The author of this article is a Russian lawyer who holds a Doctorate degree in law from the Russian Academy of Public Administration in Moscow, MLitt and PhD in law from St Andrews and Glasgow universities in Scotland. He is currently a full time lecturer at law school in Chiang Mai University, Thailand. For the comments he can be contacted at: School of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University. Chiang Mai. 50200 Thailand; e-mail:
2) A short description of some of the national laws on indecency can be found at:
3) For updates see:
4) Thai Supreme Court Decision, 6301/2533 (1990). The text can be accessed at:
5) Thai Supreme Court Decision, 1223/2508 (1965). The text can be accessed at:
6) Thai Supreme Court Decision 6301/2533.
7) Lloyd I. Information Technology Law. – Butterworths, 2000 – P. 274.
8) The text is available at:
9) Donoghue v. Stevenson [1932] All E.L.R. (HL). 1. At p. 11. It is a case where Lord Atkin used the moral precept of loving one’s neighbour as oneself as the source for formulating the legal principle of due care in non-contractual liability.
11) This paper develops further the arguments of the author published in: ‘Indecency on the Internet and International Law’ - International Journal of Law and Information Technology. Vol.13 No. 2 – Oxford University Press, 2005. – pp. 260-280.


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