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CURRENT ISSUES Volume 16 Jan-Jun / Issue 1 - Jul-Dec / Issue 2

2014 Issue 1 (Spring)

Protecting Vulnerable Children in Thailand   Ian Werrett
Agenda Setting on Mobile Roaming Rate Control to Promote ASEAN Integration Chatchai
The Application of the Death Penalty for Drug-Related Crimes in Vietnam: Law, Policy, and Practice Mr. Hai Thanh
Copyright exceptions for research, study and libraries in Thailand: What should be developed and reformed in order to improve the copyright protection regime? Dr. Noppanun Supasiripongchai
2013 Issue 1 (Fall)

Piercing the Corporate Veil Doctrine in Comparative View   Praphrut Chatprapachai
Becoming a Surrogate Online: "Message Board" Surrogacy in Thailand Yuri hibino and yosuke shimazono
Personal injury and damages for non-pecuniary loss in the law of torts and the product liability law Isara Lovanicha
The Laws and Policies of Thailand in Supporting Electronic Commerce
Orabhund Panuspatthna
Getting Drunk In Singapore And Malaysia A. P. Slmester  
The Quest For Optimal State Intervention in Parenting Children: Navigating Within The Thick Grey Line Debbie Ong Siew Ling
The Non-Pecuniary Damages in Wrongful Acts Causing Bodily Harm and Death: The Comparative Study on U.S. and Thailand Laws Worrawong Atcharawongchai



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