Interview with Thailand Author Christopher Moore

by Admin on February 10, 2014

Law professor turned author, Christopher G. Moore is the author of 30 novels, a combination of both fiction and non-fiction books based in Thailand.

Christopher Moore is one of a group of fiction writers that focus  on crime  and mystery stories using Thailand and South East Asia as a backdrop. These authors are often referred to as “Bangkok Noir” writers. Christopher Moore has also branched out into non-fiction works and political commentary.

We have previously interviewed him here  but were keen to meet with him again to discuss his latest novel, Fear and Loathing in Bangkok, given the current political situation in Bangkok that early 2014 has witnessed.

Fear and Loathing in Bangkok is a collection of essays, separated into nine categories, about a variety of Thai related issues, from crime and the legal system to ghost stories and fraud, to politics.

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Watch the full interview here:


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