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CURRENT ISSUES Volume 12 Jan-Jun / Issue 1

2009 Issue 1 (Spring)

Protection of Traditional Knowledge in the Face of Globalisation: Balancing Mechanism between CBD and TRIPS   jakkrit kuanpoth 
Thai Telecommunications Regulations In Thailand Piyabutr Bunaramrueang 
Cultural, Economic And Legal Factors Underlying Trafficking In Thailand And Their Impact On Women And Girls From Burma
Christa Foster Crawford
Money For Nothing, Your Crises For Free?: A Comparative Analysis Of Consumer Credit Policies In Post-1997 South Korea And Thailand Jasper Kim And Kemavit Bhangananda 
Are Education And Training Always Complements? Evidence From Thailand Kenn Ariga, Giorgio Brunello 
Life And Death Away From The Golden Land: The Plight Of Burmese Migrant Workers In Thailand Bryant Yuan Fu Yang 
Role Of Non-Governmental Organizations In Pharmaceutical Research And Development Nathaniel Lipkus 
Traditional Knowledge And Indigenous Resources Standards For Intellectual Property Protection Panumas Kudngaongarm 



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