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CURRENT ISSUES Volume 14 Jan-Jun / Issue 1

2011 Issue 1 (Spring)

Thai Corporate Bond Market: An Assessment of the Country's Regulatory Framework   Tir Srinopnikom 
Effective Plant Variety Protection as Development Policy: A Perspective for Thailand Pawarit Lertdhamtewe 
Global Funder, Grassroots Litigator – Judicialization Of The Environmental Movement In Thailand
Frank Munger
Globalization, Investing In Law, And The Careers Of Lawyers For Social Causes: Taking On Rights In Thailand Frank Munger 
Human Rights Standards For The Protection Of Intellectual Property: Traditional Knowledge And Indigenous Resources (Part II) Panumas Kudngaongarm 
China’s Go-out Strategy: Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand Pittaya Suvakunta 
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Asean: A Contemporary Thai Perspective Sorawit Limparangsri 



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