A Brief Glimpse into Thailand’s Gun Problem

by Admin on February 19, 2016

Owning a firearm has been legal in Thailand since 1947, however this article might have you believe it’s much easier to own a gun than it actually is.

Channel News Asia quite rightly highlights the gun problem in Thailand, but its use of statistics might be called into question. The article would benefit from proper citations.

Many of the statistics available online do not distinguish between gun deaths in insurgent regions of Thailand or other areas.

Criminal defense lawyers in Thailand Chaninat and Leeds have decades of experience handling criminal cases.

The truth is, although guns are legal in Thailand, this is only the case under very narrow circumstances.

Here, there are only 46 countries reported on, making Thailand appear higher up that it surely would if this were a true global report.

In fact, in opposition to many media stories about Thailand’s “gun problem”, according to this from Gun Policy, gun crime has actually decreased in Thailand in recent years.

Buying a gun as a foreigner in Thailand is not straight forward, nor cheap, but it can be done.

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