The SEC will Become Authoritative Power over Cryptocurrency in Thailand

Mr. Korn, Chairman of the Fintech Association, has backed the choice for the Securities and Exchange Commission ( to be the regulatory body responsible for ICO’s in Thailand. They have had a “long time involvement” in the […]

Thailand Constitutional Court Protected From Criticism

A new law will be instated so that anyone who criticizes the Thai Constitutional Court will be punished with one month in jail and a 50,000 baht fine. Criticisms are allowed however, if they involve […]

Fukushima Fish Import Controversy

In 2011, Fukushima was the scene of a major nuclear and radioactive leak in Japan. Thai Authorities and officials have defended the import of fish from Fukushima, saying they have passed the “radioactive standards of […]

Indonesian Zoo Criticized for Smoking Orangutan

According to reports, a zoo in Bandung has repeatedly made headlines for the mistreatment of its animals. A recent video has surfaced on the internet of a man throwing his half smoked lit cigarette into […]

UN Rapporteur Assists Cambodian Government with Draft Surrogacy Law

The Ministry of Justice consulted with Rhona Smith from the UN, on her ten day mission to the Kingdom to discuss issues such as the draft surrogacy law. Surrogacy is a disputed issue in the […]

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