China Shuts Down Sex Doll Brothel

Chinese officials in Shenzhen province have closed down a silicone sex doll house of ill repute for violation of health laws. The silicone brothel “Ai Ai Land” had been in business for 2 year’s. Moral […]

Surrogate babies Abandoned During Covid Crisis

Illegal surrogate babies have been abandoned in Thailand due to the Covid 19 travel bans and criminal invetsigations are being pursued by authorities. Covid-19 travel bans has left many newborn babies of illegal surrogate mothers […]

Thailand Legalizes Early Abortions

Thailand has decrminalized abortions during the first 12 weeks of preganancy and for certain exception situaitons after 12 weeks and up to the full term of the pregancy. Thailand has legalized early term abortions during […]

Thailand Partially Decriminalizes Cannabis for Non-medical use

Thailand recently enacted an amendment to the Thailand cannabis Law removing most of the plant from list of illegal drugs on December 14, 2020, it was published in the Royal Gazette that marijuana was not […]

Cannabis Home Grow Approved for Thailand Community

A pilot project allowing private citizens to grow medicinal cannabis in their homes has been approved by the Thailand government. The project is limited, however, to 10 households in the Khu Muang district of Buri […]

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