UK Police Broke Law in Koh Tao Murder Case

According to The Guardian (, the UK’s National Crime Agency has admitted breaking the law in the Koh Tao murder case, in which they helped to convict two migrant workers. Hannah Witheridge and David Miller […]

Man Publicly Hanged for Rape and Murder of 7-Year Old in Iran

According to the New York Times a man was hanged in a public execution after allegedly confessing to the rape and murder of a 7-year old girl. Esmail Jafarzadeh, 42, was hanged in Parsabad town square […]

Child Sex Abuse Suspect Living and Teaching in Thailand

An Alabama man who faked his own death to escape multiple child sex abuse charges is thought to be living in Thailand with a fake identity, My Statesman reports. Jackson Matthew Hall, 26, fled the US […]

Indonesia to Jail Returning Militants

The government is on the brink of passing a law to combat terrorism Indonesian Police (FPU) by UNAMID Reuters reports that Indonesia is set to approve a bill that would incarcerate citizens who return home after joining […]

Gay Brit Appeals Spousal Visa Denial in Hong Kong

Critics say the city is lagging in gay rights A British woman has appealed to the courts in Hong Kong after her application for a spousal visa was denied because her relationship was with a […]

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