Expats in Thailand Can Still Extend Stay without Blacklist

The Immigration Bureau posted an update to its website with regards to the recent news that foreigners overstaying in Thailand would be blacklisted, reports Thai [...]

Thailand’s AMLO Busts Siamese Rosewood Smugglers

The Anti-Money Laundering Office, working with police in Northeast Thailand, has uncovered a network of cartel gangs illegally smuggling endangered Siamese rosewood, according to The [...]

BRICS Nations Create Development Bank , $100 Billion Reserve

Following the 2014 BRICS Summit, the BRICS countries announced the creation of their own multilateral financial institutions as alternatives to the Western dominated system, reports [...]

Nepal Prince Busted for Marijuana in Thailand

The former prince of Nepal, Paras Shah, was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand on July 10 for possessing marijuana, according to the Bangkok Post. Shah was [...]

Thailand Officials Investigate Fake Land Title Deeds in Phuket

Thailand’s Department of National Parks is reigniting its efforts to examine Sor Kor 1 land title deeds in Phuket’s Sirinat National Park to expose illegal [...]

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