Thailand Officially Opens Anti-fake News Center

Thailand just officially unveiled its new Anti-Fake News Center that claims it will monitor and combat the spread of misleading information online. Human rights activists fear that the center will instead be used to stifle […]

Elon Musk Pressured Thai Officials to Retract Negative Statements About His Mini-subs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly used his employees to pressure prominent Thai officials to retract negative statements about his mini-subs he built to rescue the boy’s soccer team and their coach who were trapped in […]

List of Approved Medical Cannabis Clinics in Thailand

In December 2018, Thailand legalized medical cannabis. Since that time, research and development at Thai hospitals and universities have led to FDA-approved medical cannabis products that can be obtained not just at certain government hospitals, […]

Thailand to Host First-ever World Gangja Festival in 2020

Thailand has drawn up plans to host the first-ever World Gangja Festival next year. The festival, hatched by an agreement by both government agencies and The Association of Researchers of Thailand, hopes to promote marijuana’s untapped […]

Thai Government Forcing Cafes to Monitor and Store Browsing Data of Customers

A new Thai law will force café owners to track and store the browsing data of customers who use their WiFi for at least 90 days. The announcement has sparked outrage online with opponents of […]

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