Thailand to Ask 70,000 Refugees to Return Home

The refugees were displaced during the Myanmar skirmishes Mae La Refugee Camp by Mikhail Esteves According to Bangkok Post, the Thai government is set to ask almost 70,000 displaced refugees from Myanmar to return home. Although not […]

Uber at Odds with Thai Government, Vows to Stand by Drivers

The company has had a bitter history with authorities Photo from Uber has vowed to stand by its driver partners in case they face legal action from authorities reports The Nation. Amy Kunrojpanya, Director of […]

Now a Hate Crime to Attack Cops in Kentucky

The bill will also include emergency responders Photo by A House Committee in Kentucky is proposing a bill that would add to the list of laws against hate crimes to include assault of a police […]

Snoop Dogg in Hot Water for Trump Assassination Video

The rapper could face imprisonment Photo by Nilloxer24 Rapper Snoop Dogg has received major backlash for his most recent music video in which he can be seen assassinating a Trump lookalike at close range. According to […]

New Zealand River Given Legal ‘Human’ Status

Whanganui River is located in North Island of the country A river in the North Island of New Zealand has been granted human legal rights reports BBC. The bill was passed by the parliament and […]

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