US House Passes ‘Cambodia Democracy Act’

The US House of Representatives recently passed the “Cambodia Democracy Act of 2019”. If passed by the Senate and signed into legislation by Donald Trump, the bill would allow the president to sanction high-level Cambodian […]

Thailand to Begin Prescribing and Distributing Legal Medical Marijuana Next Month

Patients in Thailand will officially be able to be prescribed and receive legal medical marijuana beginning next month. Health officials state that 10,000 bottles of cannabis oil will be produced for medical consumption by the […]

US Immigration Office in Bangkok Closing its Doors

The Trump Administration recently announced in an internal memo that it will close all overseas US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offices, including the Thailand USCIS branch located in Bangkok. USCIS offices typically handle family […]

Marijuana Taboos Crumbling as Legalization Slowly Pushes Forward Across Asia

Asian countries have long been known for their draconian drugs laws that sometimes see traffickers given the death penalty and users given unusually long prison sentences–even when it comes to marijuana charges. Now, both laws […]

Facebook’s Digital Currency Libra Faces Uncertain Legal Status in Thailand

Facebook made massive waves in the cryptocurrency realm recently as the Silicon Valley giant announced it would launch its own digital coin, dubbed Libra. Libra is a called a “stable coin”, meaning it will use […]

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