Only 1 in 10 Marijuana Amnesty Applicants Receive Approval for Medical Use

Only 10% of those applying for amnesty to legally possess and use medical marijuana in Thailand were deemed to have a valid medical condition, according to the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In total, […]

Photos From Inside a Thai Slaugterhouse Draws Condemnation

Grisly pictures from inside a Thai slaughterhouse drew widespread condemnation recently and highlighted the lack of humane killing practices in Thailand’s meat industry. The undercover photos from the slaughterhouse located in central Thailand show workers […]

Thai Lawyers Push for Legalization and Regulation of Sex Work

Even though prostitution is a common phenomenon in Thailand, the practice remains illegal in the country. Legal scholars at the “Review of the prevention and suppression of prostitution laws project” seminar at Thammasat University argued that in […]

One Million March in Hong Kong to Protest Proposed Extradition Law

Over one million-strong filled the streets in Hong Kong to protest a new extradition proposal that would allow mainland China to extradite individuals living on the island.   The extradition law makes it possible for […]

Indian Court Rules that All Animals Have Legal Personhood

The high court in India’s Punjab and Haryana region of India ruled that all animals have the “rights, duties, and liabilities of a living person’ under the law. The ruling also stated that humans have […]

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