South Africa’s High Court Decriminalizes Recreational Marijuana Use

South Africa’s Constitutional Court legalized private marijuana use for adults in a recent ruling. The ruling is just another win in a plethora of recent victories for marijuana and its advocates after countries like Canada […]

UN Alarmed by Thailand’s Treatment of Human Rights Activists

A report by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has named Thailand as one of 38 countries with alarming and shameful attitudes toward human rights activists in the country. In Thailand’s case, two separate incidents were […]

Thai Elections Must be Held by May of Next Year, According to New Law

The Thai military junta recently passed a law mandating that elections be held by May of next year. The law, posted in the Royal Gazette, also laid out how members of the parliament will be […]

Cave Rescue Diver Sues Elon Musk for Defamation

Vernon Unsworth, a British diver who helped rescue the 12 Thai boys trapped deep in a cave in the north of Thailand, is suing Tesla CEO Elon Musk for defamation. Unsworth, a Chiang Rai resident, […]

Women No Longer Allowed to Join Police Academy in Thailand

In a move seemingly out of the blue, Thailand’s police academy has said that women will no longer be able to enroll starting in 2019. As for an explanation of the policy decision, Thai authorities […]

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