Informed consent in Thailand?

Photo by Michele Plunkett Thailand law requires that medical professionals provide full disclosure regarding any medical treatment or procedure pursuant to the Thailand Medical Act. However, in light of the recent covid-19 emergency laws and regulations, […]

Thailand Covid-19 Vaccine Emergency Authorization Law

The Thailand Food and Drug Administrator (FDA)  issued Thailand’s Emergency Authorization for use of The Covid-19 vaccines on 25 July 2020. The announcement was made present to article 4 of article 79 of the Thailand […]

USA Marriage and Fiancee Visas from Thailand Drop by Over 50% in 2020

According to US State Department statistics, in 2020 immediate relative immigrant visa issuances fell by more than 50 percent 2020 compared to 2019 statistics.  State Department official statistics reveal that in 2019 immigrant visas for immediate […]

Mandatory Vaccines in Thailand?

Social media in Thailand and local news have recently been reporting that Buriram Province is ordering residents to receive the Covid vaccine in Thailand and persons refusing the vaccine would be subject to 20,000 baht […]

China Shuts Down Sex Doll Brothel

Chinese officials in Shenzhen province have closed down a silicone sex doll house of ill repute for violation of health laws. The silicone brothel “Ai Ai Land” had been in business for 2 year’s. Moral […]

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