Thailand’s Medical Cannabis Sales Launching in July

Thailand’s state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar weed farm ran by the government is on track to have 2,500 bottles of medical cannabis ready for distribution. The move comes after Thailand legalized medical marijuana in March. The 140 […]

Taiwan Becomes First Asian Nation to Legalize Same-sex Marriage

In a historic vote last week, Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriages. Now in Taiwan, same-sex couples who marry will officially have the same tax, health care, and child care rights […]

Brunei Backs Off Stoning to Death for Gay Sex

After intense backlash from the international community, the government of Brunei has stated that it will not stone to death those convicted of gay sex. Stoning to death for gay sex, adultery, and rape was […]

US Court Green Lights Thailand Cave Defamation Lawsuit Against Musk

A US court recently gave the okay to a defamation lawsuit filed against Elon Musk by one of the rescue divers who heroically helped save the youth soccer team trapped in a cave in Northern […]

Georgia Legalizes Medical Marijuana

The governor of Georgia signed a bill last week that would make medical marijuana legal in the state. Before the new medical marijuana bill was codified, a law in 2015 allowed the use of low-level […]

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