Thailand Wants to Partner With Large Tech Companies to Censor ‘Fake News’

The Thai government has asked giant tech companies to set up centers in each of Southeast Asian country to combat “fake news”, fake accounts, and other online content it deems unworthy. The centers would function […]

Government Hospitals in Thailand Begin Medical Marijuana Distribution

Thailand’s state hospitals have finally begun distributing cannabis oils to patients in need under the country’s medical marijuana law passed late last year. The government hospitals received 4,500 bottles of cannabis extract that will be […]

Bank of Thailand Open to Libra Discussions with Facebook

The Bank of Thailand said that it is open to engaging in discussions with Facebook over its recently announced digital currency, Libra. Veerathai Santiprabhob, head of the Bank of Thailand, stated at the Bangkok FinTech […]

New Thai Health Minister Wants to Make Medical Marijuana More Widely Available

Thailand’s new Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul stated recently that he wants to amend the country’s medical marijuana law to make the drug more widely available for those who need it. Specifically, Anutin plans to […]

US House Passes ‘Cambodia Democracy Act’

The US House of Representatives recently passed the “Cambodia Democracy Act of 2019”. If passed by the Senate and signed into legislation by Donald Trump, the bill would allow the president to sanction high-level Cambodian […]

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