Thailand Passes New Public Smoking Ban

Thailand’s Department of Public Health has issued new regulations on smoking in public that will essentially ban smoking in or near public buildings and other highly concentrated public areas. Now, there will be a five-meter […]

Thailand to Foreign Countries: Give Us Our Art Back

The Thai government is pushing the US and other former colonial powers like the UK to return their artwork and other antiquities that Thai officials believe the country has a cultural right to. Many Thai […]

Mexico Supreme Court Paves Way for Legal Recreational Marijuana Use

The Mexico Supreme Court ruled recently that two individuals had the right to use marijuana recreationally. The decision essentially states that a blanket ban on weed is unconstitutional and that individuals have the fundamental right […]

First Sex Robot Resort Opening in California in 2019

The world’s first all-purpose sex robot resort is set to open next year in West Hollywood, California. While there are already many sex robot brothels popping up all over the world, Eve’s Robot Dreams will […]

AI Algorithm Destroys 20 Leading Lawyers in Legal Showdown

An AI algorithm created by LawGeex successfully outdueled 20 law experts in a recent legal showdown–and it wasn’t even close. The study pitted 20 prominent corporate lawyers and contract attorneys against an AI to determine […]

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