Supreme Court: Authorities Can Indefinitely Detain Illegal Immigrants

In a blow to due process, the US Supreme Court ruled that authorities have the right to indefinitely detain illegal immigrants without bail who have a criminal past–even long after they have served their sentence. […]

Thai Magnate Receives 16 Months for Poaching, but Cleared of Black Panther Killing

A Thai construction magnate received 16 months in prison on poaching and weapons possession charges but has been cleared by the courts on accusations that he killed an endangered black panther. The rumors of the […]

Buriram to Host Its First Ever Weed Fest

Hot on the heels of becoming the first Asian country to legalize medical marijuana, Buriram is set to host its first ever weed festival. “Pan Ram”, as the festival is called, hopes to host over […]

Thailand Capitalizing on Same-sex Partnership Law to Draw LGBT Tourists

Thailand’s tourism sector is marketing the country’s new same-sex partnership law as a means to draw more LGBT vacationers. As it stands now, Thailand receives the highest share of LGBT tourism contribution of any country, […]

Thai Airports Get Rid of Smoking Rooms and Smokers

Airports across Thailand have now become entirely smoke-free areas in compliance with Thailand’s Tobacco Products Control Act of 2017 (TPCA) and the Ministry of Public Health’s mandate that government agencies and state enterprises must be smoke-free. […]

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