Defamation Court Case Due To Begin Today

A criminal defamation case against two journalists in Thailand, including an Australian, is set to begin today, despite calls from the United Nations for the [...]

Thai Prostitute For Teenage Son Lands Father In Court

A father in Australia has brought attention to a new Australian law after being tried and sentenced in an Australian Court. The father was convicted [...]

Phillippines Supreme Court Upholds Birth Control Law

The Supreme Court in the Philippines has held upheld the legality of a controversial new birth control bill despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church [...]

FATCA to Roll-out Globally

We previously reported on the US FATCA tax law and the effects it has on American’s lives U.S. Expats Frustrated with Taxes, Giving Up Citizenship. [...]

Myanmar President Proposes Interfaith Marriage Ban

Myanmar’s President Thein Sein recently proposed a law banning inter-faith marriage between Buddhists and Muslims (and other religions) with the stated intent of “protecting” Buddhists, [...]

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