“National Duty” to Rape Women Who Wear Ripped Jeans, Egyptian Lawyer Says

According to Breitbart, an Egyptian lawyer stated last week that men have a “patriotic duty” to sexually harass and rape young girls who wear ripped jeans. Nabhi al-Wahsh made the shocking comment during a debate […]

Immigration Police Investigate Human Trafficking Case

According to the Samui Times, Thailand’s Immigration Police Bureau is investigating a possible case of human trafficking by a group of job placement companies. A lawyer requested the investigation after an estimated 130 people who […]

Muslim Beats Rape Charge Claiming Religious Beliefs

A judge from Ontario’s Superior Court acquitted a man of sexual assault against his ex-wife because the couple believed that their religion allowed it. The case involved two Palestinian Muslims who were brought together in […]

Half of Australians Support the Right to Refuse Same-Sex Marriages

According to The Guardian, almost half of Australians believe that businesses should have the right to refuse to provide services for same-sex marriages based on their religious beliefs. The Lonergan Research Poll found that 49% […]

Children Arrested in Raids on Asylum Seekers

According to Asian Correspondent, Thai police have carried out multiple raids on asylum seekers in the last two weeks, which have resulted in the arrest of 19 children. Fortify Rights, a foreign NGO in Thailand, […]

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