Police Seize Internet Famous ‘Smiling Buffalo’ from Poor Farmer

A poor Thai farmer, whose friendship with a buffalo he was looking after went viral online, has now had the water buffalo taken from him by police as potential evidence of fraud after he purchased […]

Thai Parliament Unanimously Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

Thailand’s interim parliament voted 145 to 0 in favor of a draft bill that would legalize medical weed and kratom in the Southeast Asian country. Now, the bill will face further revisions by a committee […]

Sex Doll Brother in Hong Kong Allows Shoppers to Try Before They Buy

A sex doll brothel in Hong Kong is now letting those interested in purchasing a sex doll to try it before they buy it–and for the cheap price of $63 for one hour. In Hong […]

South Korea Threatens to Arrest Its Own Citizens Who Smoke Weed in Canada

The South Korean government has issued multiple statements reminding its citizens that the laws made in Seoul apply to them everywhere, so nationals who decide to smoke weed in Canada–the second country in the world […]

Cryptocurrency Used to Protect “Rap Against Dictatorship” Video From Censorship

In Thailand, activists are turning to cryptocurrency as a means to protect the extremely popular and controversial “Rap Against Dictatorship” video, which went viral on YouTube and has garnered over 38 million views in less […]

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