Chemical Castration for Pedophiles in Indonesia

Pedophiles can also be sentenced to death under new law Indonesia passed a new law that authorizes chemical castration, minimum sentences and execution for convicted pedophiles reports the BBC. The law is the government’s way […]

U.S Admits that Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Drug also shown to reduce risk of colon cancer The National Cancer Institute under the U.S Department of Health has added a new page to its cancer advice website stating that cannabis and cannabiniods can […]

Thailand May Reduce Marijuana and Meth Penalties

 Thailand is looking to ease the laws on drugs starting with Marijuana and Methaphetamine Khaosodenglish reports that the Thai regime is looking to ease the laws imposed on drugs such as marijuana and methamphetamine by […]

Outrage at California Mandatory Vaccine Law

 Mandatory vaccines pushed on Californians creates outrage as opponents criticize danger of toxicity.   In California, a recent law making vaccinations mandatory has created an upheaval of controversy. According to Inquisitr  ‘some in the Golden […]

Tennessee Law Ready to Discard International Gun Control

  A new Tennessee law prepares to stop enforcement of gun control by International law.   Activist Post reports that last Friday, July 1 2016,  a new Tennessee  law went into effect to set the […]

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