Hot! Thailand Cannabis Boom: Winners and Losers 


– Entrepreneurs who invested in large growing operations.  Many foreign and Thai companies have invested in large growing operations, normally indoors with high tech lighting, ventilation and nutrient support systems.

-Retailers in major tourist spots:  Retailers of cannabis products on Khao Sarn Road, Sukhumvit, patpong Phuket, etc.  are making good money for cannabis sales and related products, such as food and entertainment. 

– Hospitals, clinics and spas providing upscale CBD products and treatment:  Many hospital spas and clinics have introduced new services for the CBD market.

– Cannabis users”:  Cannabis users, rich and poor, can now enjoy their pastime without paranoia and fear of arrest,



-Thai traditional outdoor cannabis farmers:  Unfortunately, the big profits promised to traditional farmers have not materialized.  Although the Thailand government gifted one million cannabis plants, and seed to Thai farmers, the vast majority of Thai farmers were unable to cultivate the plant.  This is likely because the plants and seeds were designed for indoor grow rooms and not suited for the outdoor farming that traditional ganja grows in Thailand are accustomed to. 

-Island locations previously known for cannabis policy:  Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Phayam, Krabi and Pai In the northeast, have been known as areas where people can buy and smoke cannabis in relative safety, Now that tourists and locals can buy smoke cannabis anywhere in Thailand, costly and time consuming travel to remote islands is no longer necessary for many people.  However, the beaches and mountains are still beautiful in these locations.

-Mafia organizations who exerted influence on the Black Market:  No more under the table payments to prevent arrest and harassment for cannabis sale and use.  The mafia will find new ways to make money.

-Medical Marijuana clinics:  For those people who formerly purchased cannabis as a medical marijuana patient, there is no longer any need for this formality.  Marijuana can be purchased just about anywhere.

-Small Indoor Growers:  Cannabis growing indoors, high quality cannabis, was previously an exotic and profitable cottage industry.   However, small growers now have to compete with industrial sized growing operations.  The little guy lacks the resources of large investors, and suffers in competition, as a result.

Credit Photo : Seth Capitulo


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