Thailand Ministry Respond to Worrying 54% Increase in Tourist Deaths

Instances of tourist deaths rose by 54% last year, causing the Tourism and Sports Ministry to address the issue of safety for visitors to the Kingdom. As Bangkok Post writes, the Bureau of Prevention and […]

Pattaya Police Arrest Elderly Expats for Playing Bridge

You may be aware that Thailand has strict anti-gambling laws, but what you may not be aware of is that a simple game of cards could get you arrested. A group of expats in Pattaya […]

Thai Police Websites Hacked Again, This Time With Data Leaks

On Wednesday this week another blow to the Thai government was delivered by a hacking group, who leaked data they stole from Thai prison websites. As Asian Correspondent reports, the Blink Hacker Group, which is […]

Bizarre Finnish Video Suggests Women Use “The Force” To Prevent Rape

Finnish police have released a strange training video called “Say No!” in response to the sharp rise of rapes and gang rapes in Finland. In a country where pepper spray is illegal, the police could […]

“Monkey Selfie” Case Reaches Final Verdict

The judge in the infamous “monkey selfie” case has ruled that the monkey does not own the copyright to the image (below right). The case made news due to its unusual nature, and also due […]