Foreigners Can Own More Types of Businesses in Thailand

According to the 2013 Thai Foreign Business Act Amendment, foreigners and foreign majority owned companies can now operate certain formerly prohibited businesses in Thailand without a special foreign business licenses. The business activities specified in […]

Copyright exceptions for research, study and libraries in Thailand

Copyright exceptions for research, study and libraries in Thailand: What should be developed and reformed in order to improve the copyright protection regime? Introduction Copyright exceptions are one of the problematic areas in the Thai […]

Piercing the Corporate Veil Doctrine in Comparative View

By Praphrut Chatprapachai * Introduction The firm establishment of legal principles identified a corporation as a separate and distinct legal entity apart from its shareholders. A corporation is obliged to be liable as a corporate entity, while […]

The Laws and Policies of Thailand in Supporting Electronic Commerce

By Orabhund Panuspatthna 1. Introduction The objective of this article is to find the answer whether Thailand has such proper policies and laws to support the growth of trade via electronic commerce. In order to  fulfill  the […]

Drug Mules in Thailand

Introduction Mule1 someone who smuggles something across a national border, employed to lower the risk of those higher up the food chain being caught. It has been estimated2 that the world’s illegal drugs trade is […]