Hot! Thailand Covid-19 Vaccine Emergency Authorization Law

The Thailand Food and Drug Administrator (FDA)  issued Thailand’s Emergency Authorization for use of The Covid-19 vaccines on 25 July 2020. The announcement was made present to article 4 of article 79 of the Thailand Drug Act and article 6 (1) of the Contagious Disease Act.

According to Article 3 (3) of the Emergency Authorization Announcement, a vaccine that has evidence that the drug is “probably effective” may be authorized due to the emergency situation.

The Emergency Authorization notification also states in Article 3 (7) that, in considering emergency authorization or any Covid 19 vaccine, that the Thailand FDA may refer to the regulating agencies of the USA, the EU, Australia, Japan, and the W.H.O.

Currently, the most common Covid 19 vaccine being injected in Thailand is the ASsdtazeneca vaccine.  The official package leaflet referenced by the Thailand FDA provides specific information on the evidence used to justify the AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccine in Thailand.  can be found in the English language


Photo Credit:  “Nursing student at Toronto General Hospital prepares a hypodermic needle” by ArchivesOfOntario

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